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    Keith Richards Riffs

    Keep trying. Maybe you have already, but do remove the 6th string like he does. One less string to deal with.
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    Fender Tweed Bronco before/after pics

    Came out very nice. I have the same amp as well.
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    A used pedal that I bought came with one. Never had a problem with it. Nice idea.
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    OD pedal that works well with a 57' Deluxe.

    Lovepedal is a one man shop I believe, but I understand your point about no reply back. I meant to say earlier to check out and to get a used one to save a few $$. I have tried several 5e3 pedals in the past including the Formula 55 and in the end to my ears the Lovepedal Deluxe...
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    OD pedal that works well with a 57' Deluxe.

    I'd recommend Lovepedal 5e3 Deluxe pedal. I had a 57 Deluxe amp last summer and felt the pedal sounded better with the amp, which should not have the case. It will give you the dirt at lower volumes. I love this pedal so much that I got a backup one just in...
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    Your Favorite Amp

    Fender Excelsior amp with an EQ pedal. Simple amp, affordable and great sound!
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    Fender 57 tweed champ custom 2020

    Congrats. I believe input 2 is not a loud as input 1.
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    Your Favorite Amp

    Fender Excelsior. Maybe its the 15in speaker or that it takes my pedals well? I have both the Brown and just got the Pro version last week. I think I'm all set for Amps at this point in life.
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    Tech21 Blonde vs Oxford?

    The Blonde is a great pedal.
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    Jaguar bridge recommendation?

    The Jaguar bridge would just sink in on my Squier Classic Vibe '60s Jazzmaster, so I ordered these:
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    Classic Players Jazzmaster value seems to have gone up a lot...

    I bought my CP back in 2008 for $650. I was thinking of selling as well last year, but it feels and sound great. It now sports a 4 way switch ala Johnny Marr. I
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    Nocaster 51 neck relic

    Looks like the same wear pattern on the first version of Road Worn Tele's on the neck and whoever just stuck a new different/logo on the head stock. I would pass.
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    Thinking about jumping on the Jazzmaster bandwagon

    Don't know what it is about Jazz or Jags, but when I play them something tells me to play differently than I would on a Tele and that truly comes out. I have 2 Jags and 2 Jazzmasters. From Squier Classic Vibe to a Fender signature model. Get a good setup and the rest is history.
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    Looking for tab

    For the intro riff -F#m penatonic first position. On the g string hit 2,2,4 and then on the B string hit the second fret (c#). So A, B, C#. 2nd riff seems the same, but play it on high E string
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    Peter Frampton Band - Loving The Alien ( Bowie Cover)

    Stunning performance and such a great song! I've always liked this one as well. Thanks for sharing.

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