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    How to get valve chart off in one piece

    I'm with Wally on this. I'd leave everything as is with the cab and look for a shop that can restore it. '63 SR's are pretty rare, worth the investment to bring it back.
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    Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb

    Mine was noisier than a Russian tank crying for it's momma. Came out of the sealed shipping box with the five horsemen of the apocalypse, loud idle hum, reverb hum, hiss, A/C buzz, tremolo tick and a bad Custom channel input jack. Replacing the jack had no effect on the racket. Tubes were all...
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    NOS - 1967 Fender Pro Reverb

    Nice amp, Mr Lucky!!!!
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    Talk About Your Last Gig Here

    My last gig was our 50th anniversary reunion concert, August 2016. Coincided with our lead singer, Jimy Sohn's 70th birthday and the 50th anniversary of "Gloria." The concert was well recorded and released on CD last year after a battle over copyrights, etc. (Music industry is a PITA!)
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    Difference between a silver face and blackface deluxe reverb?

    Excellent info, thanks for posting. RE: items 8 & 9, I revert them to AB763 spec. I've replaced a number of reverb transformers on these amps which I attribut to the increased voltage on V3 caused by these specs. If you get a mysterious cracking distortion on a SFDR with the reverb engaged it's...
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    What line voltage do you run amps at / bias the tubes for?

    I use a buck transformer (The Amp Preserver) to drop line voltage to around 117vac. Vintage amps only.
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    Difference between a silver face and blackface deluxe reverb?

    Depends upon what year silverface you're comparing to an AB763 DR. There are several circuit designations that have minor changes. The last version, roughly '76 on includes a pull boost function that's pretty wretched. If you don't use it it is relatively transparent. Aside from the build...
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    NAD...1966 Fender Pro Reverb. Circuit Questions

    It Those were great sources of info in the day, now somewhat overlooked and often disputed. They all got compiled into one of his books. I chuckled at the car wash recommendation, a bit much for a vinatge amp. But the grill cloth idea works.
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    NAD...1966 Fender Pro Reverb. Circuit Questions

    Nice amp there Mr Lucky! I scored a '66 back in Novemeber and haven't turned it off since. On my previous '66 Pro Reverb I removed the baffle and used gerald Weber's recommendation of a very weak solution of Simple Green sprayed on, gently brushed with a soft bristle paint brush, then gently...
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    1960 Telecaster in original "Blue Sparkle" custom colour???

    If you took the neck off you could perhaps tell by the paint stick shadow in the neck pocket. Very possible it's original.
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    18w TMB style amps

    Some years ago I built the Mojotone 18 Watt kit that was sold at the time (it's been redesigned since) and was really disappointed in it. They'd altered original layout and it was unstable & noisy. I replaced their circuit boar with one from Watts Tube Audio for an immediate improvement. I later...
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    Legitimacy of '68 Tele body (pics now fixed)...

    Not original. A simple give away, there's no paint stick outline in the neck cavity. '68 is a transition year for the Telecaster. A late '68 Tele wil not have the wire channel between the pickups, it will have plastic coated wire and the pots will be 1meg rather than 250k. The bridge saddles you...
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    Why aren't big amps more popular?

    Since I got a Fryette PS2 last year around this time I find I'm using a '66 Pro Reverb instead of the customary '66 Deluxe Reverb.
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    Tweed Bassman Filter Cap Grounding

    Ground the power supply filter caps at the power ransformer, ground the other two with the preamp, near the jacks preferably.
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    Bassman AB165 Recap

    Listen to Wally, always fuse and switch on the hot lead, the neutral should go go straight to the PT. Learned recently that to meet safety code the green shield wire should be the longest of the three, so that if the worst happened and the power cable was yanked out of the amp, the last lead to...