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    Books, and the re-reading thereof

    Fiction: Different Seasons by Stephen King Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry Neil Gaiman Nonfiction: Bill Bryson SC Gwynne John Graves Poetry: Ted Kooser Marge Saiser Tony Hoagland Andrew Hudgins Bob Hicok
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    Books, and the re-reading thereof

    His short essays on The American Scholar website are outstanding.
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    N(Harley)Day Not a Benton!

    It’s a Harley that does wheelies. Have fun!!
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    Poem - “The Guitar”

    Came across this poem on the American Life in Poetry website while looking for reading selections for my students. I haven’t read too many poems that describe instruments. I like it, and I hope you do too. ‘The Guitar’ by Patrick Phillips It came with those scratches from all their belt...
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    What’s in a name?

    I share your handle! I had to endure being called Jethro for years during childhood by teasing relatives, but it was all in fun. I’m also glad to see that you’re an “rey” Jeffrey, like the best of us, and not one of those weirdo “ery” Jefferys, or even, God forbid, a Geoffrey.
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    My favorite Roger Miller song

    That’s a good one, OP.
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    Sell my Fender Vintera MIM & buy a Squier Classic Vibe?

    I wouldn’t give up the Fender for a Squier, but that may just be me. What’s the motivation for the swap? Looking for a more vintage-looking bsb, maple-neck Tele?
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    Best TV theme songs...

    “Hung” on HBO had a great intro, but it was already a song - I’ll Be Your Man” by the Black Keys
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    Best TV theme songs...

    - Ren And Stimpy - Cowboy Bebop - The Adventures of Pete and Pete - Sealab 2021
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    Weirdest guitars used by well known and Pro level players.

    Mark Kendall of Great White!
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    All Gibson’s and fender’s locked up at guitar center?

    After my trip to Michigan, it’s hard to go back into Guitar Center. I got to put my grubby little mitts on so many amazing instruments at Elderly Instruments, Motor City Music, Joes Music, Huber & Breece, and even a ‘68 Esquire at a Music Go Round in Ann Arbor. Nobody batted an eye. The...
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    Y’all OK in Texas and Oklahoma- tornadoes?

    I ain’t fraid’er no ‘nader.
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    Check out this neck!

    The neck had some pretty heavy checking on the front of the headstock and the back of the neck where it would have hung from a hanger. The back of the neck is checked lightly, making the seller think that maybe it sat in a shop or on a hanger facing a window for a long time.
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    Check out this neck!

    Sorry for the late reply - I don’t remember the weight really standing out one way or another. It neither felt especially heavy or light. The pots and switch were scratchy and intermittent, but apparently are original to the instrument...