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    Double Bound Goodness

    This is made up of a Fernandes body, All-parts neck, SD broadcaster bridge pup, SD strat pup, Klein firebird pup, & a Bill Bores b-bender.
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    Marty Stuart - Going Going Gone

    The tone that comes out of Clarence is the best live guitar tone I've heard.
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    Still Rocking Peavey Gear?

    I still have a working Classic 4x10 from the 90's. In the past I've owned a Special 130, Foundation Bass, TKO75 bass amp, and more PA gear than I can remember. Solid & gig-worthy.
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    Lunar Eclipse PSA

    Got up early to shoot a few shots. Here's a quick edit.
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    Homey sounds you love....

    When I was a kid, I used to love hear the train in the distance as I was laying bed.
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    Retire To Another Country?

    Could we? Yes. Would we? No. Not being close to kids, grandkids, family & friends is a no go for us.
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    Uh oh. Shotgun Shells!

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    Anybody use Warby Parker glasses?

    Happy Zenni customer.
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    Couch Strummer

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    PSA: Fly and Insect Repellant Fan

    I just ordered one, thanks for the post.
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    New house appliances, what have you purchased lately to be pleasantly surprised about?

    Our 4 year old Samsung fridge died a couple on months ago. After dealing with Samsung & the repair folks they assigned to me, who I only talked to on the phone...they failed to show on 4 different appointment days, we finally found one to our specs a few weeks ago & was delivered last week. The...
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    Attempted rescue

    My daughter & her family live in the country on about 40 acres with a river that runs through their property. About a month ago her husband heard something down at the river. When he went to see what was making the noise, he found a very young fawn that was drowning in the river. He retreved it...
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    Hadn’t drank vodka in a long while

    I'm reading this sipping on a vodka, club soda & lime...good day! Sorry about you toe.

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