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    Oops I did it again...

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    New mod - Humbucker and a short tele bridge

    I love double bound bodies. Very nice! I have a pine partscaster that has a cut bridge but with a tele pup.
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    Old Fashioned drink recipe-do you have one?

    No but my son-in law does. And we just got back from the Keys and my brother and I ordered one at every bar we stopped at, didn't have a bad one but some were better than others.
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    Happy Birthday Bob Seger 77

    My wife & I saw him a few years ago and he put on a great show. Happy Birthday, Bob!
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    Which Saddles Are You Using?

    I have Rutters cold rolled steel saddles on my Bill Bores PW bender.
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    Providing weapons to local thugs: avast, me swabbies!

    There was local developer who also owned a golf course that owned a replica of a pirate ship. It was basically a pontoon boat with a replica of a pirate ship built on top of it. He had a camp in the summer for a few weeks that kids would attend, outdoor events, etc. He hired me a few times to...
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    a Bigsby guitar, and Bill Frisell.

    The current Fretboard Journal current podcast features the owners of the Bigsby in the video. A very interesting listen, lots of vintage guitar talk.
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    My Dad is Screwing with Me from Beyond the Grave

    Great story! Sounds like my kinda guy.
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    Anyone Out there with a Sire T7 ???

    I don't have the T7 but I have a Sire S7. The guitar came perfectly set-up and the fretwork could not have been better. I'm in the US, ordered it from Anderton's on a Friday morning & it arrived at my house the following Monday morning. I would have no hesitation about buying another Sire.
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    What's better than a New Guitar Day?

    My feelings exactly. I get way more exited about taking one of my guitars, which I own because I love them, to my luthier buddy to have set-up or work done. Number one, he's a great guy to hand out with and number two is that whatever I take him plays great after he's done with it.
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    My depressing open mic pity party.

    When I first started playing out in the 80's, there was a tiny little bar our 3 piece would play on Friday nights. The owner loved us but I was trying to learn to front this band. She paid us every night for about 6/8 months to suck, IMO. She enjoyed us, we worked hard, and eventually got...
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    Roland White RIP

    Another legend gone. RIP Roland!
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    NGD Sire Larry Carlton H7

    Congrats on the new guitar, beautiful! I recently got a Sire S7 that is described as your is. It was perfect out of the box.
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    Hello from Savannah

    Hey Craig, nice seeing you on the tele side of things.

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