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    Talk About Your Last Gig Here

    I started riding a motorbike on Wednesday. Rode it each day, yeaa great fun. Unfortunately, leaning heavily on the bars, and gripping it tighter than a drunken sailor has left my right hand with zero power in my fingers. Played a gig last night and I couldn't hold the pick tight enough, it kept...
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    Your Favorite Telecaster Tones

    Dave Gilmour - Don't. There sounds like many effects but it is a tele, an old one.
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    How Many Amps Do You Have?

    5 including the practice bass amp. A 5E3, a handwired, heavily modified Blues Junior, a Peavey Bandit, a small Fender 25w practice amp, and a small Marshall bass practice amp. After reading the posts I'm definitely thinking that I should get a Marshall of some sort, a Plexi sounding one but...
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    What have you learned but probably won't play?

    Loads that never made it to the setlist. The last one I remember is Hanging on the Telephone. We also had a stab at Nutbush City Limits recently. When I'm setting up the amp at a gig I always give it a quick blast of AC/DCs Problem Child. Loud enough for the other band members to give me dark...
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    Ever race your dog?

    I've not raced my own dog. However, I've raced someone else's dog and came second. The dog belonged to a policeman.
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    New Band

    'Been a while since I have played with another Guitar player and Keys. I have been practicing with them for a couple of weeks, I think we will be ok.' As they say, it's like riding a bike. You'll be fine.
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    Anyone gigging a 5W valve combo

    I regularly gig with a 5E3 at 25% power which is 3w. It's plenty loud enough. It's loud enough to get complaints from the vocalists about the stage volume.
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    Changing strings

    Blimey! So, is that 5 minutes after you have separated the new strings and clipped them to size, laid them out, and also after removing the old strings? Please say yes. My 15 minutes was including getting the old ones off, organising them and putting them away, getting the new ones out...
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    Changing strings

    You are spot on re practice. Although, I have to say, the 1999 tele I restrung was bought new by me and it's not my first guitar by many years. Perhaps I'll be a bit faster in another couple of decades. However, I wouldn't recommend anyone putting any money on it.
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    Changing strings

    I've just changed mine. 15 minutes. That's pretty much a record for me, Inc putting away the old ones twisted together. No matter how much I try, I can't do it any faster. I'm doubting that this is a world record, in fact perhaps you would let me know what a miserable attempt this is by letting...
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    5e3 footswitchable channel mod

    You were quick! I hit the 'post' button by mistake, I went back in and deleted it. But yep use volume control and or pick attack. However, these things do reduce the volume a bit, in my experience, and I notice that the original poster wanted to keep the volume the same.
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    5e3 footswitchable channel mod

    It sounds like a complicated way to avoid changing a couple of the controls between songs. However, I suppose that we all approach it in different ways.
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    Peavey Black Widow 15" for guitar?

    I had a pair that I got cheap secondhand for front of house pa. I'm not going to discuss the quality of the sound of the speakers because it's irrelevant to me. They are so heavy that I couldn't store them upstairs at home. They were ridiculously heavy. The box/enclosure was made of some type of...
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    ...what song would you request to be played at your funeral???

    I'm sure that someone has already posted it, but Highway to Hell.