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    Craigslist scam?

    Pic taken near Reno - LV Canal.
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    California Blues Masters

    Shuggie Otis….
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    California Blues Masters

    Johnny Otis…..
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    Thought provoking quotes.

    Who’s the father?
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    2022 Rock Hall of Fame Nominees Announced!

    Still waiting for SLADE.
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    Happy Brubeck Day!

    I am reading Take Five - The Public And Private Lives Of Paul Desmond. Through this biography I have an increased appreciation of Dave Brubeck’s playing and musical approach, and how he and Desmond, while having vastly different personalities, complemented each other. Paul Desmond was a...
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    Common “mods” in the late 50s-60s?

    Alvin Lee’s modified Gibson ES 335. Steve Miller’s and Boz Scaggs’s modified guitars on the cover of the Sailor LP. Jack Casady’s and Phil Lesh’s Guild basses. In the late ‘60s a friend swapped out P90s for Humbuckers and added a phase switch his in Les Paul Special. Professionally done...
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    First Dent is the DEEPEST!

    Folks pay extra for relic’ed instruments.
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    USFL start up

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    People You've Known with Unusual Names

    Three brothers in my childhood neighborhood were named Harvard, Princeton and Stanford. Aspirational parents. A boy in the same block was named Ajax.
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    Happy 94th birthday to Tom Lehrer!

    Brilliant mathematician and amazing career.