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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ya all...

    Have a good one!
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    Ski Pants

    That all sounds good in theory, unless you have a brain fart like I did on Friday. I went backcountry skiing in our local mountain range for the first time this winter. It was epic deep powder snow and snowing all day. I was skiing down, loving every minute, when I pulled up to rest the legs and...
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    Random Pocket Shots

    Don’t have any pocket shots, but I’m pretty good at pocket pool.:cool:
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    Having several guitars is confusing. No. 1 keeps changing.

    I’ve never owned a guitar that plays itself, but yeah, having a number of guitars in the stable at this point, “#1” does change from time to time. It’s a good problem to have.
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    The old man finally made an appearance

    Old man winter that is. For 5k feet up on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, we were high and dry all of November. It’s been warm too. I was still mountain biking up at 7k feet last weekend, but the old man finally showed up yesterday and hung around all night and into the morning. It’s...
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    Lots Gibson Custom Shop Adam Jones Signature '79s on Reverb

    Hmmm. Well if there are “lots” of that particular guitar for sale on Reverb, my initial guess would be quite a few are from the stolen lot, but wouldn’t there be a list of the serial numbers that were stolen? Seems like they’d be hard to get away with selling on a high profile site like Reverb.
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    your Sunday morning coffee in Japan

    I’m just not sure I’d enjoy slurping down my own face.
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    Update on fallen down house find

    Hopefully you misjudged her, but you still did the right thing either way.
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    Hooray for beer buzzed, impulsive guitar purchases!

    I beer-buzzed-bought this little green goblin back around Halloween.
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    How To Not Get Me To Buy A Telecaster...

    You’re an idiot…*edit*…and a looser.
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    Ignore function is awesome

    I don’t ignore anyone because I'm a curious little monkey. I like to see what jackasses say, that way I know they’re still jackasses.;)
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    What's your opinion on sparkly Telecasters?

    I’m down like Chuck Brown, love mine.
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    Do you have music?

    I’ve kept a stash of old cds, but have converted most of them to digital for easy access on my main pc. Any new music that I purchase, which is primarily live shows that I attended, are mp3s. All of it gets backed up to an external drive.
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    Burnley Buttlift

    Pump it up, p-pump it up, p-pump it up!!