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    If the Milkyways stars were grains of sand….

    We can do the math but we can’t comprehend the enormity of space nor the vast reach of time.
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    Soft Shell Crab Dinner

    Me too - haven’t sautéed them in a while but now I got a hankering
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    Minecraft: Good or bad?

    Nuke it from orbit - it’s the only way to be sure.
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    Best Rap Song Ever

    Not sure where it fits in in the R & B / rap / Hip hop continuum but I think Coolio’s Gangster Paradise is a terrific album
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    Best Rap Song Ever

    Subterranean Homesick Blues?
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    Sears Toughskins

    We never had anything name brand unless the brand was “Sears”
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    who knew???

    I always get a kick out of the people present for the scream fest - someone needs to point out the empress has no clothes.
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    The Ringle Factor: Are your neighbors always outside when you are?

    The lady across the street from me must be kin to the Ringles as I feel your pain.
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    Indiana Jones

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    Indiana Jones

    Lost Ark is in my top 10 modern classics - a great movie
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    UGA. National Champions. Go Dawgs!

    Great game
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    '68 original Fender Deluxe Reverb - $450 on Reverb!!

    Edgar Allan Presley beat me to it - The guy says its in "very good condition" - but makes no sound. :rolleyes:
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    The Slow Death of a Shopping Mall

    Our abandoned malls are parking lots so not that interesting visually. Our abandoned Six Flags on the other hand is creepy as hell..
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    New VW electric van progress.

    It would be smart for them to experiment a bit to try to "quote" the old design - maybe something with the windows like the old split windshield (very unlikely) or a big emblem in the front.