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    Bah, HUMBUG!!!!

    Ditto on the humbug. The main problem with holidays is they occur on set dates. December 25th could roll around and I'm not in the mood. Would be better if we could celebrate them when we want to.
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    Favorite Board Game or Card Game? Need Gift Ideas ...

    No substitute for Naked Twister.
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    Brent Mason Tele or Suhr Classic T -- What would you buy?

    I can't get excited about the Suhr. And I don't have any particular reason for that. Other than I'd be reasonably assured of a quality instrument, but it breaks no new ground. I'd just as soon have a nice Fender. But the Brent Mason is appealing...I mean, he must love that goofy guitar for...
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    My New Pedal

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    "Healing" a much would you spend?

    I'd say that kitty has reached the end of the line. I have brother and sister Thai cats...that's the sister in my avatar. She has cancer and has received about $4k in treatment over the last year, and it'll buy a few years of life. I love my cats, and I can afford it, I guess. It's a...
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    Gimme a Blue Song

    Song Sung Blue Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue
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    Back Door Snake

    Gorgeous snake!
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    Do you ever play air guitar?

    I play air guitar for my air girlfriend.
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    I can't get the intonation set

    You mean if the guitar didn't have any saddles?
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    I can't get the intonation set

    Yeah, I know. But that doesn't explain what the point is of measuring from the fingerboard side of the nut toe the inside back of the bridge. Unless you have the same measurement from an identical model guitar that intonates properly. Having someone at Sweetwater take that measurement on a...
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    I can't get the intonation set

    Sea Devil's superimposing the OP's guitar and a factory photo seem rather conclusive to me. Unless, of course, ALL of this particular model were made wrong. And I'm not buying that. Maybe if it was a Gibson. No offense to the OP, but early on you were asking about the fingerboard...
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    Anyone collect anything unusual?

    I collect post WWII Japanese sewing machines.
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    In my mind, snakes are crossing a line

    Just saw a nice big garter snake today on my way down to my sailboat. Gorgeous. Love snakes. But spiders!!!! Yick.
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    I can't get the intonation set

    Measuring from the nut to the inside of the back of the bridge makes as much sense as measuring from the nut to your belly button. Sorry. You sure you don't want to take it to a tech? But seriously, it's hard to know where the problem is, because it's impossible to know if the rest of your...