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    New Quilter SuperBlock Mini Heads, $249

    I do a bar gig w a jazz quintet in city. There’s no bandstand to speak of and the sound man insists on getting a line into his desk to mix it thru the venue. I have tried the non cab set ups…Joyo am sound to the desk, then a tech 21 Liverpool into two notes cab m. Both these setups had me at the...
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    British Vs. American Amp/Speaker Tones

    I’ve noticed the US type amps will go either USA or Brit voiced speakers but not seen the UK type amps use a USA voiced speaker.
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    Small amp to cover jazz to classic rock...

    I just gigged my quilter superblock us. Into a 1x12 Jensen c12k... It nailed Kenny burrells late 50s tone on the 57 mode. Looking forward to opening it up for some rock n roll surf tones on the 61/65 .
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    Music for TV shows?

    “help Shango, our producer needs some original music for a French style cooking show.” …this is what I got in my emails through the week. its something my acoustic trio could write and record, no problems. Anyone here provide music content for tv programs.? I’d like to know how you go about it...
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    New Character Plus Pedals From Tech 21

    Interested. love the original character series. thx for the post.
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    B+G bender tricks; what else can a G bender do?

    Yes, I use both G n B benders on the Hipshot. both set up to bend a tone. as far as tricks, I’d suggest you look at your CAGED chords and finger them taking into account where you are bending to/from.
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    I'm thinking about getting a solar watch

    Yes. I have 2 solar watches A citizen eco drive and a g shock. Both work great with 6+ year of use. No battery or pressure testing costs that in the past were half the value of the watch.
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    Does Anyone Use a Tablet for Lyrics on Stage? Please Advise!

    Sometimes. ipad, songbook pro
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    Esquire pickup suggestions

    Something tapped. Twang on the tap, beef on the full wind.
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    String through conversion on a Bigsby

    Read my recent post on the matter of pulling the pins and drilling thru. All went well until the drill bit broke in the barrel. I got it sorted but it looks a bit rough.
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    Swamp Ash blank - thank you, Australian Customs!

    Aust Customs are a law unto themselves. I was charged an inspection fee approx $200 for a 52 ri tele I imported years ago. the shipping box had been torn open and badly taped up w customs sticky tape. when I questioned the inspection, the Jnr admin at customs said there would be no problem...
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    Needs and Gear Buying

    you not alone, I see many Gear ads say “selling as the band/ project never eventuated”
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    Bigsby - pins out, drill thru…doh!

    Thx for your replys update, swapped the bored B5 onto another tele. works fine, no tuning issues, there’s enough string distance between the barrel and bridge to correct the alignment. i agree it looks rough but theres no sharps. proof will be in the playing.

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