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    Nashville this weekend- anniversary trip! Suggestions?

    3rd & lindsley....musician's hall of fame & museum...loveless cafe...the factory in franklin....enjoy your visit to nashville! :cool:
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    I'm convinced my 2013 50s Road Worn is the best guitar I have ever owned

    i've had a 50s roadworn tele since they were first available....i love it. give her a few minor tweaks and she is perfect. tremendous bang for the buck. :cool:
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    All I have are Teles. Am I crazy?

    nah-you're alright. just be sure to have an esquire in the mix. i have ten telecasters and two esquires, the wife thinks i'm fine. :cool:
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    NGD: 2009 Road Worn Tele

    my 50s roadworn tele is nothing shy of the perfect work horse great chunky neck, great factory tex-mex p'ups, plays like a dream, sweet tone i swapped the factory white pickguard for a black single ply IMO one of the best bang-for-your-buck purchases available from fender makes me look a...
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    I am going to cheat on the tele...with a cigar box

    ditto. i've made several, they're fun. love that raw edge to their tone. :cool:
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    50's Road Worn thought for the day

    my blonde 50's road worn has become one of my favorite guitars,each of my ten telecasters have their own personality...but the 50's road worn is definitely great bang for the buck in the fender product line. great feel and playability plus great tone from the factory pickups make her a keeper. i...
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    Road Worn 50's? (Dilemma!)

    go for it, you'll be glad that you did. the 50's roadworn tele plays like a dream & sounds great. very good bang-for-your-buck value, excellent craftsmanship. i love mine. as for the moral dilemma you find yourself in-grow a pair and get over it. all the cork sniffers on this site would...
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    rolling your own..

    the wife of one of my good friends donated an old sewing machine to the cause plus i've acquired some odds and ends from stew-mac and mc master carr. should be a good fall/winter project when the weather gets nasty. :cool:
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    rolling your own..

    i'm soon going to have a go at winding my own pickups. starting simple with pickups for a couple of my cigar box guitars then once i have somewhat of a feel for how the process goes, i'll attempt some single coils for my teles. is there anyone else rolling their own? :cool:
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    A few questions about Esquires

    exactly-a real deal,no bull**** guitar. not just a tele w/o a neck pickup a completely different axe. :cool:
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    Wide Range Humbucker for Blues ?

    WRHBs are used by quite a few blues axe slingers, they have a warm,wonderful and full tone. I'd suggest going to 500k pots and lowering the neck p'up a tad. You'll be in blues heaven then. :cool:
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    And it's snowing

    jealous. oh yah. :cool:
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    Question For Sound Guys..

    as a retired FOH engineer i would let the guitar and bass players know before sound check that "less is more,that's why you have me". there's no good reason for a half-stack anything for club gigs,they're far too much power and best suited for the great outdoors. it's also up to the...
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    Brass nut??

    it's pretty much up to you if you want the "carpet to match the curtains" with brass nut and saddles... the are an infinite number of tonal adjustments that can be made,some work out and some do not. keep us posted on how things go. +1 with ron kirn's comments.
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    Glendale vs Callaham vs Fender Pat Pending Bridge for 62ish build...

    something else to consider: joe barden bridge with danny gatton scoop nice sturdy bridge plate, well made glendale brass saddles for d-g / b-e glendale aluminum saddle for e-a the glendale saddles work quite well with the barden bridge :cool: