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    A Hilarious comment section..

    I think the guy did a great job. He could have worse hobbies.
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    Layoffs in Corona factory

    I just wont buy a new Fender anymore, but I used to. For less money than a USA Production model, I can build a custom shop level axe that is exactly what I want. Thanks to Warmoth, Musikraft, etc. Let alone a Custom Shop model that is just NOT worth 4 grand. And that goes even more for Gibsons.
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    A pair of partscasters

    How does that wiring work in the second one?
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    Let’s see those offset guitars!

    Bullet Mustang body, the rest is parts acquired over time. My current favorite axe. Warmoth 24 in scale neck with Evo gold 6150. Hipshot open back locking tuners, Zero glide nut, EMG Fat 55 set with SPC at 9 volts. EMG Tele switch. Schaller 3D6 Bridge.
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    What Guitar Have You Been Playing Lately?

    Bullet Mustang body, the rest is parts. Warmoth roasted maple neck with Evo Gold frets. EMG Fat 55 Retroactives. Its 6.2 pounds. There is Volume , Tone, SPC which takes vintage Fat 55 sounds into high output zone:
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    One of the funniest clips you'll see, scientific reason your wife is always right!!

    wife: Why another guitar? well , this one is different than the other ones. wife: looks like a guitar…. ok, maybe we could translate into terms more easily understood….(opens wife closet) would you wear the thigh high leather boots with the spike heels to a wedding? Or the running shoes to a...
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    Local smash-and-grab jewelry store attempted robbery goes bad for robbers

    Extra points for nailing the miscreant with a chair. Foiled robbery will get them business from the publicity.
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    Irig HD2 Amplitude

    Here we have AUM as a mixer hosting Overloud THU. Along with that I load Anytune Pro or in ether shot below AudioStretch for looping and slowing down loops to learn them. The sliders in AUM allow me to match volumes. Drum app all the way to the right. AUM file player with a backing track just...
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    Irig HD2 Amplitude

    Are you on a laptop or iPad?
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    Humbuckers for a Mustang?

    The EMG Fat 55 set in a 24 inch scale with the SPC mid boost does that job and the mid boost of the SPC is pretty stellar. Mine with an EMG Tele switch, volume, tone, spc: It’s a beast.
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    Fender Player Tele Neck Angle Issue

    I had good luck with these in building my parts caster bullet Mustang: The whole guitar is parts, only original pieces are body and neck screws and plate which came from eBay. Those Amazon ABS shims are just as effective as the far more expensive and more fragile Stew...
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    Anybody using AmpliTube

    My travel rig
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    Who wouldn't love to solo over slow minor blues?

    Which specific backing track was that good sir?
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    Anybody using AmpliTube

    On iPad, I use AUM to host Overloud. When I want to jam with a video on YouTube I download it as mp4 with Then I load AudioStretch and load the video. Open Audiostretch in AUm and can balance the guitar and video volume well. Also can do the same with Audiobus. Screenshot