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    Epiphone Casino into cranked late 60s Vox AC30TB - demo

    Just picked up a mint 2000 Korean made Casino with quilted maple front & back.
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    CVC modified Day !!!

    Doing the opposite - removing this thin maple neck and putting “big fatty” 1.0 on my 2012 CV.
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    Tru-Oil question

    Could you imagine a 1” radius, good catch!
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    2012 CV - add new Warmoth Fatback neck

    Thinking of using some Stewmac dye to darken the color?
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    2012 CV - add new Warmoth Fatback neck

    Getting reading to put some tru-oil on my new fatback 1.0 neck, stayed tuned!
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    Tru-Oil question

    About to apply some tru-oil on my new neck - can I add Stewmac dye to it since I want more of a tinted headstock and back? BTW, it’s a 2012 Squier CV tele and finally changing the neck out to a Warmoth fatback with 1.0” depth.
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    NGD: Squier 50s Classic Vibe Blonde Telecaster

    My 2012 CV is my avatar. Get rid of the cheap plastic pickguard and get a bakelite one. Great looking CV BTW.
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    Guitar lessons @ Guitar Center

    Was going to sign up 2 years ago with them, then Covid hit. I hope their business survived and may check them out next year.
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    Guitar lessons @ Guitar Center

    I wanted to share my experience regarding lessons at Guitar Center. I spent two years trying to learn the guitar at 64 using guitartricks, Fenderplay and a few others. I practiced 3 - 5 hours a week, joined various user groups and stalled at a beginners level and almost gave up. About two...
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    Sold my baja for a 50's road worn tele

    I have the Epihone version and dig it with a few mods (custom bone nut, switchcraft input jack and toggle switch and Faber metal studs and tailpiece).
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    What Should I Do With My Classic Vibe Tele

    Just did that with my 2012 60’s CV - ordered a Warmoth fatback with 42mm nut.

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