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    Your #1 Telecaster

    Here's mine: 1966 neck, 1968 body, purchased for $450 in 1986. At the time it had an aged Olympic White refin and sported a Kahler and a JB pickup in the bridge. I took the Kahler out, filled the hole with a block of wood and did a spot refin, and added the vintage (1967) Bigsby, which framed...
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    Fender Custom Shop Finish Blemish/Bubbling

    Excellent! Love a happy ending.
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    Has anyone put a bigsby on a telecaster deluxe

    The Bigsby model in the photo above and the F logo B5 are both a little too long to use with a half-bridge, but a regular B5 would be fine. As far as the Mastery goes, they're great but even more money than the other options. I probably would have filled the holes in the black Tele, since it's...
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    Fret “shadows” when spraying tinted nitro? Way to avoid?

    I haven't actually done this, but my instinct would be to spray with the neck on a horizontal surface, shooting from both sides and never along its length before the back of the neck is sprayed. I would then probably use thinner to remove all the finish that had ended up on the back, "tapering"...
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    Preamp Tubes for Twin Reverb

    I did a bunch of work to bring my old BFDR up to schematic specs and found that the pre-amp tubes had much less influence on the sound once the circuit was tightened up. I think those old Sovteks sound kind of brash and clangy, but now is not a good time to be trying out a range of tubes. JJs...
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    Has anyone put a bigsby on a telecaster deluxe

    No big deal if the holes don't line up. Fill (or not) and drill if the new plate covers the old holes. It's a Squier and has no real value to lose if it has new holes. If the old holes show, there's a problem. I suspect that the Schroeder bridge and the Cabronita Vibramate would cover up the...
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    Achieving a Candy Apple finish (repair)

    Your description sounds great and gave me great confidence in you, but so far the photos look horrendous. However, I will withhold judgment until it's finished. I suspect that the clear will have sharply-defined shadows and won't look that different from what you have now. I would build the bulk...
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    Has anyone put a bigsby on a telecaster deluxe

    Btw, the array of existing bridge mounting holes is almost certainly wildly different from either of those bridges, so I suspect some drilling and filling will be in order. Proceed with caution, get info on the footprint of the bridge to make sure any holes will be covered, etc. And be prepared...
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    Has anyone put a bigsby on a telecaster deluxe

    Three-saddle half bridge with grooved steel or platinum saddles (Rutters or Gotoh). This is a pretty classy half-bridge: Or something like this: Here's the Schroeder bridge from the link above:
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    I can't get a good finish on my neck

    If it is indeed raw wood, and I suspect it's not, Feed-N-Wax is great for providing just a bit of protection from moisture while retaining some of the feel of raw wood.
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    Quilter Aviator?

    JDB2 has the most practical suggestion, IMO. I went a different route and had a pine cab made. I use an Eminence Wheelhouse 150 neo speaker and couldn't be happier. Total weight is under 20 pounds.
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    Satin refinish on Squier poly body

    Btw, it was too late when the OP started this thread, but I would have recommended Mohawk Ultra-Flow Ultra Bond Satin for this application. It's a lacquer specifically formulated for covering finishes that don't normally accept lacquer, and it dries incredibly fast -- 17 minutes to handle...
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    Exposed vertical tubes as illumination for a scaled-down city skyline topping your amplifier

    Moldy bread can be home to ergot fungus. We're talkin' LSD here, not psilocybin.
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    Stiff Bigsby?

    The casing for the needle bearings is indeed press-fit, but it sometimes needs to be heated to 250 degrees to be movable. I've had the same issue in the past, but as the owner of a half-dozen Bigsbys and numerous spare parts, I was able to mix and match various pieces and solve the problem.
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    Fender nocaster 51 journeyman Relic 2015 help

    Now you're being silly! It's a relic, and it has a chip?! How shocking!

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