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    White Pick Guard? Or Black Guard the way Leo and God intended?

    Parchment white gets my vote.
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    Do You Need A Strat Or Tele?

    *I* believe everyone needs a Telecaster. It's nearly indestructible, and definitely a dependable work-horse. I have both Fenders, and have grown to dislike the Strat. I play mostly rhythm guitar, and can't seem to avoid the pick-up selector switch on the Strat. I like the neck p'up on my...
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    How many Tele-only players here?

    I love Teles, and have purchased and built numerous versions. HOWEVER, I gravitate to the larger bodies because they feel more comfortable to play. I will never be without a Tele! Best, most durable work-horse guitar ever! And, they cover just about everything under the sun as well. I just...
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    Compressor pedals ? What do you use?

    MXR Dyna Comp Mini.
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    I Must Give A Shout Out To My Friend "The Toneman"

    He FIXED my '64 Deluxe Rev Amp!! SO nice to fave my fave studio "friend" back!!! He's going in for back surgery on Tuesday ("...carried too many heavy amps to gigs..."). Please have a good thought for him! Cheers!
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    What do you consider the quintessential American made acoustic guitar?

    Another J-45 devotee - although mine is a basically a derivative - Southern Jumbo Hog.
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    NOAD - Frustrated!

    Frustrated with my "usuals," I pulled out my '72 Traynor YBA-1, plugged in my Scotty-Caster, ran it into a small open back cab with a vintage (re-coned & broken-in) EVM12L... A couple of pedals for verb and OD, and we're ROCKING!! Blues, Country, and Rock, here we come!! Yee Haa!! What made...
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    Let’s see your archtops!

    Forgot this: And a Beatle Bass.
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    ES-335 Vintage Pickup Suggestions

    How about P-90s? My 335 has low wind (50s spec, whatever that is) P-90s. Sounds great! How about the SD HB sized P-90s?
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    Do you prefer the feel of a Fender or a Gibson?

    My preference is the large, hollow/semi-hollow, "thin" Gibson bodies. I'd like the necks better with lower frets, and larger grip (say, a '59 shape, as opposed to a "Slim Taper"). Love my Tele! But it feels and sounds small by comparison.
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    Organ Simulator Pedals

    What I like about the Digitech Ventura Vibe is that the roto-vibe speed goes from slow (adjustable) to fast, and slows down approprately, when released. Not a very good "roto-vibe" tone, but believable speed changes. It always "wakes" people up! Haha!
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    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    "Open up I'm climbing in..."
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    Help! Need more hot country chicken pickin' jazz/early instrumental rockabilly!

    Vince Gill and Greg Koch for modern players.
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    RIP LT Uhura . star trek .

    R.I.P., Lt Uhura