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    Need help identifying metal, and how to clean it.

    Is that candle wax on top of the big one? I agree with the others thus far, I wouldn't use a cleaner or polish at all. I'd use a small plastic scraper to gently remove the gunk from the top of the big one, then a dry toothbrush and dry microfiber rag to remove the dust and grime from the rest...
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    NGD - Les Paul Gold Top 50's

    It was maybe the one typical complaint that I could believe, I've only played one and I don't really remember it. I've always found Gibson guitars to be nicer than Fender but I'm not about to say that here. ...uh oh...
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    NGD - Les Paul Gold Top 50's

    Gibson criticism has always been way over-blown, especially on this forum (with the exception of boat anchor 70s LPs). Good for you for taking care of all your business and putting yourself in the position to do this for yourself, that's great! Enjoy that beauty of an LP, I bet it rips!
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    Got my tax return and just got GAS

    When I found out how much my return was going to be, my girlfriend asked "what are you going to do with it?" and I replied "just put it in savings, we have stuff we wanna do on the house soon." She looked at me and said "but isn't there a guitar you would want, or something? This is probably...
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    Mike Campbell and Dirty Knobs... with Stan Lynch!

    I went to the show at the Bluebird in Denver on Sunday night! It was awesome! Mike played the two white Firebirds, and the maple Ric 330 12-string, but nothing else. There were so many awesome old guitars left unplayed! The set was really good, a buddy of mine was at the Boulder show and we...
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    Favorite Band Name?

    Christian Doppler and the Effects
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    Musikraft neck delivery tomorrow

    I had mine shipped without a nut knowing I was going to have a local luthier shop do a full setup and nut install. I have had zero fret height/setup/maintenance issues since I finished the project five years ago. No adjustments needed to the truss rod either, it's been wonderfully stable in...
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    Musikraft neck delivery tomorrow

    Awesome! I have a Musikraft neck on one of my teles. I went with a rosewood board with a boatneck V Blackguard profile in regular maple and did the finish myself with tru oil. I hope you like their oil finish, considering how good their craftsmanship is I'm sure it will be a knockout. Enjoy!
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    Recommend a hand saw for cutting logs into splittable firewood?

    If you go with a hand saw, you might wanna consider getting the kit needed to keep it sharp. Paul Sellers has some good YouTube videos on how to sharpen saw blades. He has a few articles about it on his website too. It's a commitment all its own in today's disposable world, or rather, world...
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    I think I need a new guitar

    Takamine Takamine Takamine! I've had my steel string takamine for almost 15 years now, it still sounds and plays great. I've never been moved to replace it, not even close, it was $330 but it's not acoustic/electric. Their guitars play and sound like they cost 4x as much. There are plenty of...
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    Boise ain't cheap.

    Just a heads up about some inaccurate information in the article. Denver is not in Douglas County, that would be Highlands Ranch (upper middle class suburb, hence it's ranking here) down through Castle Rock. Denver is in Denver county, and housing is much, much less affordable here thank you...
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    Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience.

    Good seats for the whole family at an NHL game would be half the price, 5x as long, and a way better show! I assume you meant on-ice musicals for children though ;)
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    Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience.

    Yup my gf and I went to the one here in Denver and it was beyond bad. 0/10 is the nicest thing I can say about it. I can't imagine how any of the various productions could be any better. It was just some projectors playing the aforementioned slide show, crappy furniture or random blocks to...
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    U.S. Interstates. Tell the truth.

    The numbering is simple and so are most drivers on them.
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    Your Two Favorite Tom Petty Songs---->

    There is a scene in the Somewhere You Feel Free where Benmont Tench tells the story of recording that track. He said he doesn't even remember actually recording it, he blacked out during it. "In the groove" doesn't begin to explain it!

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