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    Jaguar, inc.

    Why yes, I am posting pictures of my Jags instead of doing my job...I think Jags take the crown for beauty and I find them very easy to play. On the left is my AVRI62 Jaguar in classic sunburst and weighing close to 9lbs. I just had it refretted with stainless 6105s and I love it! On the...
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    I think Al Green is the master of spooning music.
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    There should be a quick release for meals
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    Jazzmaster bridge

    I own an AO 60's Jazzmaster, and this is my story... The neck pocket angle is excessive on mine. I found the mastery bridge didn't sound good on this guitar. I've found over the years that the mastery sounds best when it's riding low, maybe 1/8" above the pick guard. If the break angle is...
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    Jazzmaster owners club

    Two partscasters and an AO 60's in sunburst
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    Do You Trust Your Brain?

    Brains work better <fnord> when they are networked. Collaboration can be magical...I don't trust my brain when it's working solo.
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    Becky and Shannon Lawrence

    I have the Keystones in all of my Teles. Great pickups at a great price, and customer service is excellent!
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    You Demanded It. Fender Heard You.

    Nice LPB tele! Sorry, I'm not making any other connections.
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    You Demanded It. Fender Heard You.

    They should make the weight adjustable with iron slugs that attach to the clamp. Then I can find the perfect resonance and produce the brown note.
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    One of our biggest problems illustrated.

    You are making insurance companies very happy by having this conversation. If you're sick, it's your fault. That's why healthcare is so expensive in this country...right...
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    Cracked X-brace

    Thank you for explaining that, and sharing your wealth of knowledge, Freeman! I don't know what to expect in a 1990 Guild, but at least nothing else appeared to be broken or coming unglued in the top or back.
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    Cracked X-brace

    Maybe some people do modify the bracing on guitars, but I don't think that's common, and requires some skill and knowledge (which I lack). I think it probably left the factory with this bracing.
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    Cracked X-brace

    Could a shrinking pickguard do that?
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    Cracked X-brace

    I took it in and it will only be $45 to glue the brace. I'm glad I didn't do it myself because it really doesn't want to close up. What the luthier and I also noticed is that the bracing doesn't extend into the kerfing. It's just glued to the back but not anchored. I wonder if somebody has...

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