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    Freqout Warm?

    If you have a Freqout pedal, does it get a little warm to the touch? Mine seems to be. Not hot at all, but warmer than room temperature near the on/off switch.
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    any ideas for low volume playing, maybe without an amp?

    I ended up with a Katana Mini myself, but same idea. Similar amps are available from several companies. There's always the MS-4 if you have to be one of those guys.
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    Sun Valley Super Shredder experiences? QC issues?

    Schecter has offered to replace the tuners. Would that fix it for you? I'm inclined to take that, but if the pitting is due to some kind of exposure I worry about the electronics in the Sustainiac. They said they'll honor the warranty 100%.
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    Sun Valley Super Shredder experiences? QC issues?

    Dealer said it came out of the box on Friday so I also emailed Schecter about it. Hard to believe that got missed during the setup, though I requested minimal work be done.
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    Sun Valley Super Shredder experiences? QC issues?

    Just took delivery of one of these and noticing some issues. Sweetwater has one or two with the same issues listed as "demo" models, but this one came from another authorized dealer "brand new." - The EMG bridge pickup is lower output than the Sustainiac neck pickup. Is that normal in your...
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    Do you need a real tele to join?

    This is TDPRI, and everyone knows the reissues aren't real Teles anyway. ;)
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    New word Rant

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    Players with Signature Chords

    Eric Johnson also does this thing where he spreads the notes out and drops some when using a lot of gain so the overtones don't mix. Clears up a lot of mud. I've got an old GP magazine from the 80s with an article about it. I'll see if I can dig up the examples, but basically think of playing...
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    Cracked top advice needed: Larrivee LV03

    I had a new, Asian Guild 12 string split on me two years ago. The repair is clearly visible and you can feel it, but it's strong. It's 3 or 4 inches long alongside the fretboard. It has a cleat underneath. Elderly (who does fantastic work) charged about $150 for it. I assume if I had been...
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    Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster & ???

    Logically, it'd be a P90. But I'd probably prefer a LP, Strat, and P90. Blasphemy here, I know.
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    Is there a guitar you would like to buy, but doesn't exist?

    - Start with a 2012-era American Standard Strat - Add a Pro II pop-in trem - Delete skunk stripe - Area pickups - Stainless frets, stainless truss rod nut or return of the EBMM wheel If we're going whole hog, I'll take one with a bridge humbucker and maybe another one with a sustainer.
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    New Marshall Class-5H

    Also, do they have any more?
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    New Marshall Class-5H

    Holy crap. HNAD!
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    TMTR Owners - A Question

    I have a TMDR and it feels nice, though the mute ("standby") switch felt a little cheesy until I realized it wasn't carrying voltage like the tube models. I played a blonde TMTR today and liked it a lot, but the bright switches felt a little cheesy. Do yours feel that way? Have they held up...