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    Another Grounding question…

    Yeah. The problem is this can happen in certain circumstances when guitar is actually properly grounded. Strings are grounded and player is grounded through the strings.. but if there's current in wrong places it then might flow through the player. And IF the player touches something like mic...
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    Midweek Backing Track(s) - Your Choice 05.18.22

    Thanks Alan. I've played #1 earlier too, but this a new take.
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    Backing Track Challenge - 353 Hard Rock

    Late one, haven't been playing too much lately. Silent recording with Ampire plugin this time. Just a small pedalboard into interface and then some JCM800 style amp & cab sim stuff.
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    Backing Track Challenge - 351 John Mayer Style

    Thanks! Squier Fat Tele on the left and Thinliner on the right.
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    Theory of flanging, chorus, & phaser effect

    Same, gonna check later. Electricity is black magic to me, so I do not understand the most scientific science. But these are fascinating and I'm able to catch basic ideas, then some things here and there.
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    Compression differences?

    So, it sounds like pickup's output level and characteristics thing. Hitting the compressor harder with a hotter / spikier signal.
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    Backing Track Challenge - 350 Blues Ballad

    Nice dark base tone at the start, but then come brighter colors too, perhaps going from neck to bridge pickup? Pacing creates peaceful feeling, but still lot of licks to listen. It grows nicely being more intense towards the end.
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    Backing Track Challenge - 350 Blues Ballad

    Yeah it is there, but very much hidden. I named the track little bit tongue in cheek. My amp is really clean (Orange Tremlord 30). So put a germanium Fuzz Face there, but volume rolled so much back that there was no actual distortion. This kit pedal actually has own volume pot (like guitar's)...
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    Blues backing from Gilmourish shine on blues

    No, you're doing everything right. I was doing sime cleaning in Soundclick and Wasn't too happy with it and already deleted it ;)
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    Backing Track Challenge - 350 Blues Ballad

    Thanks again! I had Fuzz Face on all the time.
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    Midweek Backing Track(s) - Your Choice 04.20.22

    It's not the best day, it's not the worst day.. played some guitar though. #1 I have maybe tried to overdo things lately, with limited skills. More straightforward and raw approach now. Played once, without compressor pedal and then just necessary (hopefully) in the post. No idea how it really...
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    Speaking of Jimi Hendrix "Smash hits"

    My first was "All The Hits" compact cassette. I guess it's not like official Hendrix release, something in Europe only, dunno. Then owned Radio One and Axis: Bold as Love (LPs). Had Electric Ladyland at least as C-cassette copy, can't remember if I had an LP too. Those were the days when rock...
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    Newbie to pedalboards please help!

    I think it meant amp's effects loop. Some amps have it, some don't. Guitar amp's basic structure is like: 1) Preamp = very "quiet" guitar signal goes in and is being amplified here. So that some of the tricks can be made. Like EQ, little saturation & compression, maybe some internal effects...
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    NPR segment on Russian tubes today

    True, except maybe some cathode biased EL84 amps. Fortunately bought few spare sets before the crisis.

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