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    New build...trouble deciding on color

    Twanger! Before doing anything regarding the color, check out what is available on Guitar Fetish for their bound bodies. Of all their products, I have found that their painted bound bodies are the most consistent quality and easiest to work with. I have purchased a few of them and found them to...
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    Adventures and old-age dumbness in modding an SX Telecaster

    We have all made those kinds of goofy mistakes from time to time. I had bought a few of those SX guitars over the years, and I thought they were really good for the money (around $99.00 at the time). However, I found them to be a "mod trap" as they had specs that were different from USA specs...
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    Nash T56

    From my conversations with Bill Nash (a few years ago now) I found him to be a straight shooter and brutally honest. Anything that you get from him should be awesome. My guess are that those are probably Lollar P-90's, but I could be wrong as he may now be using some different winders now.
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    Nash T56

    I have my own version. That video is a great shootout between what a Strat can do with single coil vs a Tele loaded with P-90's sounds like. Anson Funderburgh is no slouch either.
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    IYO, are short scale Telecasters... worth it?

    It boils down to whatever works best for you. We often get too hung up on a belief system that one size fits all. I try to think outside the box for better results, I Love all my vintage Teles, but I am open to any measurable improvements that will make you a better player.
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    Rosewood neck, white body (?) show me your pickguards.

    Pretty straight forward 60's style tele with Lindy Frailin vintage Telecaster pickups and all Fender hardware. Mint green pickguard to be exact. 
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    Replace Josefina Pickups?

    Yes, he did! My point was not that other opinions aren't valid but to train his own ears as to make satisfactory decision on what he really wants. I could recommend several different sets, but he may end up thinking that none were what he was looking for. What would be the point? It's really...
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    Replace Josefina Pickups?

    From my perspective, if you have a brand or model of a pickup that you like, you should feel free to swap out to whatever you want. I have many guitars with all kinds of different winders of pickups. Some I like better than others, but they are all quality. If these Josefina's are not you cup of...
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    Telecaster Electro socket

    It's all I ever use on all my Tele builds.
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    Andy Powell on a Tele

    Wishbone Ash played at the Hollywood Palladium on a number of occasions. I saw them when they opened up for Hot Tuna sometime in the early 1970s and they were really hot. I had their first 4 records back then and still have the Live/Dates album today.
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    USA Tele’s and Strat’s vs made in other countries

    You have to think of it in these terms, Fender Instruments in Fullerton, CA designed these guitars back in the 1950's and 1960s. The specs determine the instrument, and they can be built just about anywhere. As long as the quality control is up to Fender specifications, and the materials and...
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    1960 Telecaster in original "Blue Sparkle" custom colour???

    First of all, that custom blue sparkle tele looks ugly to me. For $45K I can purchase a lot of cool stuff. I wouldn't touch that thing with a ten-foot pole.
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    My pre-civil war score for $20

    I love it when folks try to bring back these old historical instruments back to life. Yes, it will need some TLC, but aside from remounting the bridge and some cleaning up, it looks like it could be back in no time. I love the coffin case that came with it.
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    Esquire pickup suggestions

    There are a lot of good choices out there. However, one of my favorites in an Esquire is a Fender Custom Shop Texas Tele bridge pickup. Just enough amount of punch yet will still "twang".
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    Same pickups in the next Partscaster or something else?

    I try to mix it up a bit. If I plan a new build, I want a different flavor. Otherwise, why bother. I like Fender, Lindy Frailin, Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan's, Cavaliers, Bootstraps. My next project (whenever that will be) will have Lollars because I don't have a guitar with a set of those yet...