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    Les Paul Junior: am I crazy?

    LP JR/Specials I've done some dumb things in my life but getting rid of my LP Historic Special was the topper. Man do I miss that guitar. Sure, I got a Custom Shop Fender for it but I never play the darn thing. The Special I couldn't put down...maybe that's why I traded her. I guess now I'll be...
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    Just wanted to say hello to ya'll. out there brother? Wishing ya'll the best in 2012 and I'll try to stop by more often!:shock:
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    A question for those who own high end custom made guitars.

    High end guitars I was in the neighborhood and just had to put in my 2 cents. Being the owner of many guitars built by smaller "botique" builders nothing makes me more content than playing my "cheapo's"...i.e. Fernandes, Tokai, Pro Tone, Peaveys, etc. High end guitars are more of an art form...
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    Standard vs. Nashville

    I have the 2003 red one w/ the tortise guard. There is nothing negative I could say about it. A real workhorse of a tele, and it doesn't break the bank. I like the versitility of it and find the tone good enough as to not warrant a pick up upgrade or modification of any kind. I think that MIM...
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    Telecaster Custom CIJ

    $700-800 condition pending
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    Tokai, what do you think?

    As a hoarder of many 1980's Tokai Strats, several years ago got a 1985 Tokai BreezySound Tele from ROADMAN. It was my first Tokai Tele and it absolutly blows away my CS teles and MIJ teles...I just got rid of my favorite tele (Muddy Waters) 'cause the Tokai is the only one I play! These are...
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    NFL Championship game who is going to Super Bowl 45 in Arlington

    Big Ben You know ...I'm gettin' tired of hearin' this "should be in jail crap". Everyone makes many of you guys took advantage of a drunk chick in a bar? Half of you probably married them....that was the penalty in the day. The only difference is he's a multi millionaire and...
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    Super Bowl 45 Packers vs Steelers

    2 out door teams playing at Dallas.....Steelers will be enjoying number 7.
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    The J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets....

    NEVER...underestimate the Steelers....few teams can handle the physical in your face game they execute. Watching ol' Rex with his little tantrum was the best part of the game......and reefer man's stunned expression at the end...PRICELESS! Green Bay and the Steelers are going to be one for the...
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    One pick-up guitars???

    LP JR..nuff' said.
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    Schecter - Tele wannabe - Ever had one?

    Still have my PT...far from a "wannabe" It's a rockin' ax!
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    made in japan 70's? model??

    OOOHHHHH......a HONDO M-16...I could use another!:shock:
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    hybrid strat tele

    I'd say unique. I have a Strings & Things hybrid along those same lines and haven't seen another like it...I'm sure there are some out there but you don't see em' often.
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    Is a '79 Ibanez Iceman worth a '78 Twin Reverb?

    The Iceman goes around $1000-1200...keep it. Awesome guitar. Think down the road a few more years!
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    What guitar do you really regret having sold and why did you sell it?

    My 91 Explorer...traded it for a Quad....didn't play it much but play the Quad all the time...still miss it though.