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    Anyone learn a second language as an adult?

    In 1975 at the at the age of 25 I went to live and work in Denmark a couple of years after the UK joined the EU. It took me about 3mths to get a basic grip of Danish and by 6mths I was fluent. I also learned to read and write it by translating the word balloons in the Asterix and Obelisk cartoon...
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    Duane Allman's amp on Layla?

    No, I had already bought their first album and Idlewild South and also knew that Duane had played on a lot of studio tracks for Stax I think it was. I think that british listeners were much more aware of blues based music than their American counterparts at the time likely due to the...
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    Duane Allman's amp on Layla?

    I bought it the day it was released and thought it was great mainly because I saw it as a welcome return to playing the blues he played with the Bluesbreakers when I saw them a few years earlier. Most of my friends and a lot of the music press panned it because I think after the let down with...
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    looking for an acoustic guitar strap that attaches to the peghead

    I use a leather bootlace bought from the local cobbler onto an ordinary guitar strap, works a treat and only costs a few pennies for a pair..
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    Team Johnny Depp

    I never mentioned "Rock Star" I said Depp was a musician before he was an actor and the fact that he has recorded tracks with both Jeff Beck and Noel Gallagher which have been released says to me anyway that he is no slouch because at least in the case of Beck who only works with professionals...
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    Team Johnny Depp

    No you're wrong, Depp was a musician before he was an actor.
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    Best quotes in the history of rock and roll......

    Two more. "Follow that m**********r", Jerry Lee Lewis to Chuck Berry coming off stage after Chuck refused to let Jerry Lee be top of the bill on a package tour when great balls of fire was number one. "Lightnin' change when he wanna change" Lightning Hopkins to a studio musician who tried to...
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    Little Feat last night

    Kenny Gradney is not just an amazing bassist, he must be coming up to near 80 now but looks about 50.
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    How do you sharpen YOUR knife?

    I was a trawl fisherman for around 35 of my working years and quickly learned the neccessity of a sharp knife. I learned how to use a sandstone and a steel and best of all the edge of a wooden fish box spread with some really fine sand from the sea floor. Since leaving the sea in 1990 I...
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    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    48 years ago in 1974, Alice Cooper meets Colonel Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Amsterdam while they were both at the same hotel
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    What's your stupid, short joke today??

    A weasel walks into a bar, the barman says,well in all my years of tending bars this is the first time I've ever served a weasel, what'll it be buddy?. Pop, goes the weasel.
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    Blues JR power resistors

    Can't talk for the owner but the originals in mine were the same grey colour. I replaced the caps on my green board BJr' many years ago to the ones BillM supplied which if I remember right are one is black and the three others are blue. Yes they are here is a pic of the inside of mine.
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    Songs you never get tired of...

    Anything by Little Feat, live Eric Clapton especially around the 70's period of Delaney and Bonnie, Derek and the Dominoes etc. Anything by Bob Dylan and lately Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit again especially live.
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    The 1st time I went over 100mph was in a...

    I was in the British merchant navy for a couple of years from 1968-1970 when we were on a Great Lakes trip. We were berthed in Toledo, Ohio to either receive or deliver cargo. Moored behind us was an American registered "Laker" type ship which had some cars being unloaded from where they were...
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    People You've Known with Unusual Names

    Worked with a Gambian national in Denmark in the 80's. He was named Julius Edison Ocloo, not a funny or odd name at all per se but for some reason I remember it as it just rolls off your tongue to speak it.