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    Does anyone use a capo with their electric?

    Our girl singer won’t negotiate song keys and we had to learn three songs in Gb last year. I second the use of G7 capos. They are the most consistent and will not change the pitch of an electric guitar. But, they are expensive! I’ve also had pretty good luck with Shubb capos at a more...
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    Studio Slip Covers

    I have one on every amp I own.
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    V Neck Profile

    My favorite is the Clapton Stratocaster neck. I’ve been looking for a V neck Telecaster and can’t find one. I wish I had bought one of those original Vintera 50’s Modified Telecasters when they came out in 2019.
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    How old is too old to wear Converse All Stars?

    I’m 72 and still wear them.
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    Who Did You Put Off Meeting Until It was Too Late?

    For me it is Freddie King and Stevie Ray Vaughan. I’m from Dallas, I probably could have seen them a hundred times, but was too busy with life.
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    Your Rig, tonight!!!

    I think this might be the last new Z-28. I bought it from Guitar Resurrection in Austin this week.
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    Well, I saw it coming from a mile away but it still hurts, my band has split up.

    My band dissolved in 2018. I spent 5 months learning and chasing down leads and finally got another gig. We’ve been together almost three years now, in spite of COVID-19. I hope it works out for you.
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    What's in your Tele guitar case?

    Mine has a cloth, strings, strap, cord, string winder, slide, tuner, screwdriver, allen wrench, and capo.
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    Looking for a clean 2 x 12 amp without digital effects

    Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb
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    What song do you usually open with?

    Classic Rock band - Homky Tonk Women Country Band - Fast As You
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    Lets Hear One of Your "Back in my Day" Stories

    In 1972, I paid $115 for my 1966 Stratocaster (used) and $70 for my 1968 Deluxe Reverb (used).
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    What's the farthest you'd travel, one way, to rehearse/jam with a band?

    My band rehearsal space is 67 miles from home.
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    What is the most sensitive 12" guitar speaker...

    I love the Jensen C12Q in my ‘64 Custom Deluxe Reverb.
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    Share Your ES335

    My first guitar was a 1971 ES335. I foolishly sold it to get a Les Paul Deluxe, which I hated. I bought a 1998 ES335 from a guy at church in 2009. But last year, I found a 1971 ES 335 in mint condition and snagged it. My original1971: My replacement 1971: My 1998: