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    How does alcoholism kill people

    Liver failure? maybe, my doc keeps testing my liver... Funny thing is, I've really only been drinking for 16 years, I'm 58 years old. I'll either stop or die, we'll see which message is stronger. P.S. I don't drink when I'm more than 1320 feet from my home, so vehicles don't play into this...
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    Discovering Deep Purple

    This is Blackmore with his 335, and Jon Lord, B3.
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    Random Daily Photos November 2022 Edition

    I'm working on getting the snow not to do this....
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    How could anyone possibly know this?

    Paint the strings silver.... Problem solved! ;)
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    Clock went from 2am to 1 am!

    Crap.... I hate this........................................
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    Almost Bought An Amp Today

    Hmmm, now maybe if it were a Super Reverb..... ;)
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    Are Your Pedals Collecting Dust, Or Leading You To New Ideas?

    Decreasing, I just gave away a pretty nice reverb pedal to a friend, he had an older Peavey amp with a dead reverb circuit that I couldn't fix, this solved the problem... I wasn't going to spend 5 hours on a $200 amp...
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    So, I gotta dig some holes.... (harbor freight content)

    I think your Harbor freight idea is the best, if you don't mind doing the labor.
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    I hit a deer last evening

    I've hit 16 deer in the past 38 years, most were airborne, running along a tree line, most I hit mid air jumping accross the road. We have alot of deer around here. Never hit one on a motorcycle, but came close on my GPz1100, missed by a few feet at 130 MPH, I don't suspect I'd by typing this...
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    Do you have a Go Bag and if you do, what's in it?

    I have beef jerky, xanax and vodka at the ready, just have to bag it.... ....and a 2 meter HT if that matters...
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    "Was the [guitar, amp, etc.] stored in a non-smoking environment?"

    I have a '79 Stratocaster that has never had smoke near it or the case, it's only been out of my house twice.....(Hint: It's the one that's not white....
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    I've found my favourite clip on tuner

    I'll say Conn strobe tuner, you could clip it on if you were very strong.... ;)
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    Going to the best pizza place in the world this evening

    I don't like deep dish, I prefer super thin crust... Tomaso's in Cedarburg Wisconsin has been my favorite for years....
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    Heh heh, formerly known as.....

    Impossible to have too much neck dive... I'll take 5 pound Strats and Telecasters all day .... :)