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    NGD! Gibson SG Special!

    Congratulations! HNGD!
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    Lionfish Info

    More Burmese Pythons in the Everglades than Boa Constrictors, BTW.
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    We're all being suckered......

    Ou est les nèigedens d’antan? 😏
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    We're all being suckered......

    Interesting that you talk about small batch building in the Far East, because that’s how I got my LP copy. My company at the time did a lot of products using Far East (Taiwan, mostly) contract manufacturing. There was a community of people who understood that very well. At the time (early...
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    Classic look. HNGD!
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    Steinberger Spirit doubleneck on the right? Like the tune !
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    Ooooh NGD

    Oooh! HNGD!
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    'Turkey Day!'

    “Look at the turkeys. Aren’t they beautiful?” “Not so beautiful as you.”
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    Undervalued Amps to Buy Now

    A guy in my neighborhood in Queens had the Silvertone 6x10 cab and head. He was a singer/songwriter type before that genre was popular; IIRC, he played a Rickenbacker 620-alike (1966-67) solid body through it. It sounded great to me.
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    Wildwood Did Me RIGHT (Green Sparkle)

    Congratulations. Play it hard!
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    NGD – Nostalgia Wins

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    B-52s were such fun to watch…

    Fred Schneider had the best job in America. Standing between Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson singing “Love Shack, baby!”
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    My new Squier Esquire FSR LPB with upgrades :)

    Enjoy it! Play it hard. Love LPB! 😍
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    Subway rant - as if you need me to tell you

    Have you tried the deli department of your favorite grocery store? In Florida, we have Publix, and they do a well-deserved booming business in hand-made custom subs. It isn’t Sergimmo Salumeria with a Manhattan Special coffee soda alongside…. but what else is?