Bass gear:
MIM P-Bass w/SD 1/4 pounders, MIM J-bass w/ DiMarzio DP 123's, Ibanez SR500FL fretless, Ibanez SR405, Steinberger Spirit XT-2, Steinberger Spirit doubleneck bass/guitar; Höfner Ignition Violin Bass; Glarry P-Bass w/Fender Original pickup; Glarry J-Bass; Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass HB; QSC RMX-850; SansAmp RBI; Gallien-Krueger 400RB; Avatar B115 cab; Avatar B210 cab; Fender Rumble 40 v3; Hartke B60 amp.

Guitar gear:
Fender MIM Stratocaster, Arctic White/Maple, CS ‘69 pickups; Fender MIM Stratocaster, Black/Rosewood, CS ‘69 neck and CS Fat ‘50 middle/bridge pickups; Fender MIM Telecaster, Sunburst/Maple, CS 50’s pickups; Fender CIJ Jazzmaster, Lake Placid Blue/Rosewood, Curtis Novak Vintage pickups; Gibson Faded SG, Ebony, 490R/490T pickups; Wolf LP copy, Cherry Sunburst, long tenon neck joint, GFS Vintage PAF pickups, ‘58 schematic wiring; Epiphone 335 Dot, Cherry; S101 335 copy, Black, GFS Vintage Hot pickups; Dean Boca 12, Cherry Sunburst; DeArmond M-72, Crimson Red, GoldTone pickups; Steinberger Spirit with R-Trem; Jackson JT-32 Rhoads; Lucero LCT250CE Acoustic-Electric Classical; Carlo Robelli acoustic/electric, passive piezo pickup; Epiphone DR212 acoustic; Yamaha FG820 acoustic; Airline F-Hole acoustic (my first guitar).

Egnater Tweaker 15 Head with Egnater 1x12 cabinet; Fender Pro 185 and Musicmaster Bass amps; Epiphone Valve Junior Head with Marshall-based mods, plus 1x12 Eminence-loaded cabinet; Epiphone Valve Junior combo with Marshall-based mods; Blackstar Fly 3 amp.

Avatar PA cabs; Behringer MX802, Eurodesk 2442, and Xenyx 1202FX mixers; Alesis Midiverb 4; dbx 266xl compressor; recording gear, a few midi sequencers and sound modules, too. Plus more stompboxes than I can count.

Nothing succeeds like excess.
Dec 2, 1951 (Age: 70)
South Florida, USA
Retired, and enjoying life!


Deep down in Florida... where the sun shines d*mn near every day...

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