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    We're all being suckered......

    I have had several Squiers, 3 Chinese CV tele's, and an Indian Vintage modified Tele and the Affinity Tele. Still have an Indian CV Esquire. I have zero complaints, awesome guitars. In the long run, I have larger hands and fat fingers. The necks on those guitar are to slim for me, however...
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    Drinking at gigs

    To each their own, I will do me, you do you.
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    Your Favorite Hybrid Picker....

    Guthrie Trapp
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    All your guitars are destroyed ... you have 2000$

    Fire Fly 338, Katana 50.
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    snubbed, slighted, rackets, backroom deals, cults of personalities.... the concept of fair...

    Nice, first good thread I have read in a long time, thanks Poindsy!
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    OTC CBD oil (non-THC) for chronic osteoarthritis pain? Anyone tried it?

    Most "woke" site I belong to, now I know why the quality has gone. You know who you are.
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    Classified ads ???

    Might be trying to avoid having to report to the IRS anytime a USA seller, sells something for more than $600.00
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    When should I stop being a nice guy?

    He said she said....
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    Should I sell my 2016 Gibson 1958 ES-335 VOS??

    If you can get $4,500.00 and you don't play it, money, money, money!
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    I called the police, would you have called the police?

    I would have talked to they guy, not the police.
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    Older wiser advice needed!!

    Having a bit of experience on the line and being 63 years old, here is what I would say. Companies like loyal employees, especially those that don't rock the boat. If in seven months they haven't talked about your future with them, then you don't have one. Don't ever think being a great...
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    The state of the world in a single meme

    Doubt any of us will change our habits. Economy of scale. The smaller stores need to up their game as well.

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