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  • Hey man... It’s great... to be... a FL GATOR... class of ‘91 in Colorado. Hey man. I’m taking your advice on Mineral Oil for my drying neck. Frets are in need of filing. Humidified case. I feel I’m losing the battle on my new Tele Elite... “bending wire out here” Chris-
    Hey Ron, I have a G&L bass body that I would like to Black. it's currently a natural wood finish. Is this something you do, or know who does? I'm in Ponte Vedra
    I have a heavy peice of african mahogany and a maple veneer. The mohogany is cut to shape (using your templates of course). If I drill weight relief holes in the body and cap it with the vaneer, are there any major problems that will arise?
    hay Ron how are ya? i can't find an arm drawing for tele, i tried terry's, i have the body, any websites that you know i could print one off? cheers buddy. i want to get them enlarged Monday at latest as my timber will be arriving wed i hope,cheers pal.
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