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    Pics from recent gigs

    Are we all just gonna gloss over the fact that Blowtorch has made a sudden return after a lengthy absence?
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    Pics from recent gigs

    Ummm... that looks like no PRS I've ever seen! :lol:
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    New bass player fired after 2 rehearsals

    Agreed. And from the OP, it sounds like the guy does not take criticism very well (or takes it too personally). If the message is being delivered face to face, I'd be aware of that and make sure to keep the emotion out of it.
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    Stepping in for a another guitarist. Proper decorum.

    I'd roll with Plan B for the rehearsal, and maybe after a few songs, ask the band for feedback (did I play enough, too much, am I fitting in OK?). Then adjust accordingly.
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    Help......ear worm!

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    Help......ear worm!

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    Spinal Tap Sequel Coming!

    Count me among the conflicted. I'd like to think these guys will get it right, but man it's going to be hard to live up to the original.
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    Tongue cancer.

    Wishing the best for you, Larry.
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    RIP iPod

    I'm the weirdo who has never owned an iPOD, and never cared to. I've had other mp3 players, and still have a Phillips Songbird I bought around 15 years ago. Never cared for iTunes, especially in the early days where they made it a complete pain in the butt to get music in anything but Apple's...
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    The Domino Effect: New interface and software switch

    That's been my primary usage of my R16, and it's been great. I'm stating the obvious here, but the big key is making sure you don't introduce digital distortion with your input levels.
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    Now the gig is here, I'm in 2 minds if I want to go... Or have you ever not been excited to go to a gig? (Clapton)

    If you're a big fan, you should go. We tend to regret things we never got around to doing. Keep an open mind to it, relax, and enjoy yourself. You never know how many more opportunities you may get to see him in concert. And at any rate, he's not going to be getting younger and more energetic.
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    NGD - Les Paul Gold Top 50's

    Congrats! I do love a Gold Top (jus tprefer P90s personally).
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    Breaking the bank/back -> Doubleneck

    Very cool inlay(s) on that guitar
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    DIY'd Road-Worn Performer Tele.

    My '87 PRS is 35 years old and gets played a LOT. It has some little nicks and dings, but nothing that remotely approaches the level of wear you see on even the best relics.
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    DIY'd Road-Worn Performer Tele.

    I don't understand this thought process personally. If your nice shiny new car got a ding in the parking lot, would proceed to relic the rest of the car? But as others have said, if the owner (and/or you) likes it, who am I to judge? We don't all like the same aesthetics. I think Bigsbys are...

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