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    Acoustic archtop strings

    Got a Loar LH300, I play classic country, folk, singer-songwriter stuff on it, some flatpicking, some Travis picking, some Carter style, not a lot of chord strumming... My favorite strings are Martin Monels (if you try those, give them a few hours before judging them, they don't sound good fresh...
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    Common “mods” in the late 50s-60s?

    Check out the "Old Guitars in B&W" group on Facebook - it's both about unusual and rare guitar models from the 50s & 60s, as well as about modded ones. It's true, mods apparently weren't that common - as has been mention, mostly adding a Bigsby, changing the color, or having your name inlaid on...
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    Telecaster 'quack' when using Vox and Yamaha THR

    The OP's experience with the THR matches mine - I had a 1st generation THR10, and "tinny" is how I would characterise the clean tone I got from it with a Tele. The other thing I hated about it: Over the top exaggerated effects - impossible to get a decent subtle reverb, or a simple one-repeat...
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    Which band tshirt are you currently wearing?

    Today: Country Side Of Harmonica Sam Bought that T-shirt when they were playing the Rocking Race Jamboree in Spain, in February 2020 - last large concert/festival I saw before the pandemic started... They're coming to play here next month - looking forward to that!
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    Conjunto Rock 'n' Roll Time

    I love that band!
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    Do they make wider neck electric guitars?

    You can get a Warmoth neck for WAY less than 350$ - last time I checked, their necks started at 157$, no upcharge for a 1-3/4" nut (I got a couple of those myself). If you want fancier woods, SS frets or a nut made by them, it will be more, but you'd have to go pretty fancy to reach 350$...
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    French 'Farmer's Car' in South Dakota?

    2CVs were ubiquitous here, when I grew up in the '70s and '80s. By the '80s they were already pretty dated designs, but they were consdered "cult classics" by hippies and alternative-minded folks (kinda like the VW Beetle was in the US - whereas over here, the Beetle had the image of a stodgy...
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    The Jesus Lizard - Live

    Great band! Saw them live when they were touring after the release of "Liar" - to this date one of the most intense live shows I've ever seen!
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    Strymon Owners?

    A Strymon Deco is the only effects pedal I use these days... PERFECT Sun Studios-style slapback echo, and the "saturation" part is the best fattening booster/low gain OD I've ever had. Totally worth the money, because it saved me from spending more searching for better options.
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    Pine Tele Bodies?

    I put this one together in 2019, and it has become my number one Tele since: This is a knotty pine body I bought at least 15 years ago, wanted to build a rustic barncaster, never got around to it, forgot about the body, then found it when cleaning out a closet. It's finished with a slightly...
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    The Best Musicians Of Punk/Post Punk Era?

    Duane Denison
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    Google has lost the plot

    Must be your phone, mine is normal...