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    DIY fabric covering

    I’ve done this and I found leather actually much easier to work with than traditional covering. It stretches and can be compressed to hide a variety of cutting errors. After much experimentation, I found that plain wood glue is the best adhesive for applying leather to a cabinet.
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    Sealed cab design wonderings???

    Well then… the experimentation shall begin. The cabinet has been cut out and dry assembled for a year so it’s time to glue it together. The shell is 3/4” clear pine with half blind dovetail joints. I’ll glue that up and then install cleats front and back so both can be removable. I have front...
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    Sealed cab design wonderings???

    My self inflicted size constraints are following my previous AB763 in a carry on suitcase build.’m-doing-this-backwards.1015555/ Now I am building a cabinet for my 18watt Super Lead to fit the same size constraints...
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    Sealed cab design wonderings???

    The cab I’m building is a single 10” and has the internal dimensions of 16-1/2” wide, 11-1/2” tall and 6-1/2” deep. Yes, the goal is to get a bit more bottom end.
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    Sealed cab design wonderings???

    We have the open back tweed cabinets with their lively, thin speaker baffles. Wondering what a sealed speaker cabinet with the same type of baffle would sound like? How about a lively, thin back on the cabinet also?
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    DIY Musician-Fix

    Recent photo of replacement knob for our clothes dryer.
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    Have tube…really want to put it in a build

    WOW!!! I never even bothered to look it up.
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    Have tube…really want to put it in a build

    It’s a standard 9-pin, a little shorter than an EL84. Don’t know what it could be used for but would be fun to have it in something.
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    Post A Pic That Makes You Smile !

    At the gas station today…
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    Best quotes in the history of rock and roll......

    “If you can’t pi$$ off your back porch, you’re living in the wrong house” Marty Stuart (a very rock-n-roll quote from a country guy)
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    What's your stupid, short joke today??

    The Minnesota Twins can’t sell beer at their stadium this season….they lost the home opener.
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    People You've Known with Unusual Names

    Some names from my family tree… G grandfather’s first name… Volquart Surname about 7 generations back that I’m thankful not to have… Crapser Coolest name… Soleme Krecke
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    No Really Dear, It Followed Me Home.

    I’ve had multiple experiences going to check out a tonewheel Hammond the owner claimed to not work only to find that they were unaware of the starting procedure.
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    Who makes money making music on the forum ?

    I got back into playing out just as C19 hit. We are fortunate to live near 2 states that did not impose much in the way of restrictions so the gigs came. I knew my wife wasn’t thrilled about my return to the stage so I set it up that my band income would go towards my teenage daughter’s...
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    Cheesy songs from the 70s that you like.

    80% of my band’s setlist has been mentioned in this thread….