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    Compressor? Where to go in the effects chain?

    It's all personal preference. Trey Anastasio with Phish puts his Ross Compressor after his two Tube Screamers. My tuner is first, followed by my MXR Phase 90 and Boss BF2, they go into my Keeley Compressor + into an old Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal and a Keeley modified Boss SD-1. The...
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    Down-hearted after listening to Les Paul

    Les was one of a kind and I too have been listening to his stuff a lot lately. What strikes me about Les is the humor in his playing - his penchant for throwing bluesy licks in an otherwise serious song. It also seems to me that while he played jazz, pop, and some country influenced music, his...
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    Your most awesomest of awe inspiring pedals

    My thoughts exactly!! I've tried a bunch of boutique ones over the years - an Analogman modded TS-9, an early Fulltone OCD, a Wampler Cranked AC, and an MXR Modified 78 Overdrive, and most recently a Fulltone Fulldrive 3. None of them can replace my old SD-1 modified by Robert Keeley almost 20...
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    66 Vibrolux for 79 DR Good or Bad trade?

    To join the multitude of other folks - don't do it!!! That 66 VBR is a gem and it is the perfect blend of power and portability. Tonequest Report did an article quite a few years ago and it was titled "Under 40 Watts of Whoop Ass". That article named the VBR the absolute king of power vs...
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    LINE 6 HD500(x) ... it's best kept secret (IMO)

    Maybe that's why I wound up sending one back to MF a few years ago. We tried it in our church system and it sounded awful, even after a lot of tweaking. I bought Boss ME-70 which was for me 1000% easier to use and program and I'm still using it to this day. It'd be worth a try because the...
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    Compressor Do I need one?

    I use an ancient Boss CS-2 that I bought new in 1981. It's on all the time - but not for extreme compression, just a clean boost. Amount of compression varies from 9 to 10 o'clock. When I turn if off I feel like half of my sound is gone. I also use the compressor on a Boss ME-70 that I run...
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    $59 Pawnshop Tele

    I never see Teles in pawnshops. Strats out the wazoo, but no Teles.
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    At war with drummer.

    Unless the vocalists are phrasing like Willie Nelson and are singing pretty much in tune, then the meter should be rock solid with the drummer on a click and I ask what is the problem? It's beyond music and into the personality clash thing - get another drummer, there are a few in Nashville.
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    Compressor recommendations?

    Have used a Boss CS-2 for close to 35 years. Bought it brand new. Leave it on all the time - with Fender guitars my settings are Level 3 o'clock, Comp 10 o'clock, attack - fully clockwise - all the way up. The only change I make with humbuckers is the Comp goes down to 9 o'clock. When I try...
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    Anyone run a multi effect processing unit straight into DI, no amp?

    I am about as old school as they get, but a year or so ago I was informed that small amp I was using for self monitoring in our church's praise group was too loud in the room as all other instruments were DI, including electronic drums. So, as I had been voicing many complaints about the FOH...
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    Pedals Vs Multi Effect Question

    I think individual pedals sound better in a lot of cases, but I do use a Boss ME-70 in a praise worship setting straight into the console with amp modeling and I am quite happy with it. Conversely I think the ME-70 doesn't sound nearly as good as my individual pedals do going into the front of...
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    Fender Elite Series

    I've heard some good things about them, but I tried one in GC and I was underwhelmed considering the $1800 price tag. I picked up a MIM Nashville Tele that had much more snap. To each his own.
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    EMG hum? Or am I crazy?

    Late to this thread, but I have a set of SAs that I've had for 25+ years and they are dead quiet except when the battery gets a little weaker, then the pots make almost an oscillating sound when you pull the pot from 0 to 10, without even hitting the strings, but a new battery fixes that. I...
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    From Nashville to Hot Rod

    How do like the Dimarzio Hot T?
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    Schecter "Diamond Plus" pickups

    I wound up with a SGR by Schecter C-1 (I think) that is a very low end advertising guitar with a sticker type top covering advertising Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. I have actually been fairly pleased with the Diamond Series pickups in that guitar. It seems to have a treble bleed circuit in the...