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    Do you have a favorite volume pedal that is dependable?

    EB VPJR user here. Yes, had to replace the string - used a Schnobel Lifetime string, works great. No signal loss through it, but I don’t use the tuner out.
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    Wampler Tumnus Deluxe overdrive pedal review

    JBL EON610
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    Wampler Tumnus Deluxe overdrive pedal review

    I use it as my monitor. The Simplifier is a zero watt amp in a box. Stereo XLR outs as well as stereo or mono 1/4” outs. I run the stereo XLR’s DI to FOH, and mono 1/4” to the powered monitor. Very useable versatile setup.
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    Anyone put an American Professional bridge on a...

    No issues with finish under the old bridge. If I didn’t tell you I did the swap, you would never know.
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    Wampler Tumnus Deluxe overdrive pedal review

    For those who know about this pedal, well, you know. Maybe one of the best overdrive pedals out there... at last of all the ones I have tried. This thing changed the way I approach the drive section on my pedalboard. The way I used my drive section prior to this purchase was as follows: Lower...
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    Foxpedal Kingdom Combo Demo

    Looking for a video of this pedal. This video is private.
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    New here - Tele hunting: 60th vs American Original 60's

    I own a 60th Ann’y. It has the American Vintage pickups which sound as Tele as Tele gets to me. I swapped out the plate bridge for an American Professional bridge (perfect fit, just needed to drill a couple holes but matched up perfectly to existing holes). Really fantastic guitar with some nice...
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    3 Saddle bridge advice please

    Fender American Professional bridge. It did require drilling 2 holes, but this mod is completely reversible if you ever decided to go back to the original bridge plate. I did it on my 2005 Am Std. Best of both worlds and a very fair price tag. It has cut down sides, and the mini ashtray is...
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    Fret sprout

    Link to video for reference Link to tutorial
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    Acoustic Country/Americana guitar: Gibson J45 OR?????

    Hi PastorJay, I went with the Gibson J15. All North American wood guitar. Walnut back and sides, has a different tone and feel when compared to my Taylor 310CE. Granted, the Taylor has the Fishman Prefix Stereo Blender preamp, where where the Gibson has a basic LR Baggs Element pickup with only...
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    Recommend some replacement tuners for Les Paul Standard Min-Etune / G-Force

    @Orangelynx have you considered Kluson Revolution? These are not cheap, in fact quite pricey, but then again why put cheap components on an expensive guitar? I installed them on both my LP Melody Maker and my J15. No regrets whatsoever for spending a few more bucks than the average tuner. Rev’s...
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    Boost pedal in front of board

    If you put a boost pedal in front of a drive/gain (overdrive or distortion) pedal, it will yield… more gain, not more volume. Same happens if you boost the front of an amplifier. In order to get a volume boost, place the boost after the drive pedal, or in the effects loop of an amp.

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