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  • Hey Robrob, I'm trying to get the diy file for the Soldano-Nakid 6v6 on your site, but it doesnt redirect to a download. I just directs to a xml code. I'm hoping you can fix that. I'd love to get a board made and get to work on that amp!

    Hello Robrob. I have a VHT Ultra Combo coming and wanted to Blackface the clean "channel" and add headroom, and Brownface-ish the gain channel. Do you have any thoughts on the following mods?

    1 Switch speaker to a WGS G12C.
    2 BF the tone stack. Maybe add pots?
    3 Add switchable NFB like you have on the Princeton on your website.
    4 Add a raw switch, but put it on a pot.
    5 Bias for a 6l6.

    Sorry, I was under the impression that you had close contacts with the admins.
    No, I don't even know who they are.
    Rob-------maybe you can help me. For the last couple of weeks, I cannot post on TDPRI. Computer works fine on all other sites,Won't allow a new membership it says that I didn't respond to the CATCHA, but it never show up on the screen. I have tried several approaches to contacting admin, but it kicks back every time. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks----jackal.
    Sorry, I'm not an admin and I don't know any admins.
    Rob, First, a huge thank you for your web pages on tube amps.

    I'm starting a new project where I want to build a tube buffer for guitar that allows me to split the signal into two amps (buffer and Y-box in one). I've been reading about cathode followers, thinking 12au7 based, and wondering if you have written anything about Buffer circuits?

    Any tips on where I might ready more?
    Rob! Your website helped SO MUCH in building my 5f6a. Thank you so much. That was a while ago... Now I am an amp tech, fixing local players amps, pedals, etc... Thanks again!
    Hey rob, I read your webpage for hours last night, and it’s awesome! We have a lot in common. I appreciate your professionalism and passion for your hobbies. I’m a physician by trade, but like you, I love cars, guitars and now building a tube amp! Thank you for taking the time to post on this forum, and the incredible webpage you’ve created.
    Sorry Rob I should have been more specific,
    I was thinking in terms of using the Bandmaster OT to reduce headroom and make the Bassman overdrive at a lower volume.
    I wasn't worried about Physical space,
    Thanks Mike
    Then yes, you could use the BM OT. The amp wouldn't overdrive earlier but you would get more high volume compression and lose a little low end definition.
    Rob can you swap a OT from a Tweed Bandmaster into a Tweed Bassman ?
    Thanks Mike.
    I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to that. You may be able to get the chassis hole dimensions from Classictone's website.
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