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    Beatles Using Fender Twin Reverb Amps: Get back/Let It Be

    I was struck by that too. I laughed when the sound engineer asked Paul if he could change the bass tone on his hofner, and Paul replied “I’m not really sure what these knobs do, so I guess the answer is no, I can’t.” lol
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    Billy Gibbons at 2021 Motorcycle + Music Revival at Loretta Lynn's Ranch

    Nobody cooler live on stage than Billy...
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    What happened to the 'Murder Hornets'?

    Just ran across this... the measurement of 10cm is disturbing; that is huge.
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    Welcome to Beautiful Florida, Home of the 25 Foot Reticulate Pyton

    Do the reward rules state that it will be paid posthumously to the hapless discoverer’s next of kin? Just sayin’…
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    Welcome to Beautiful Florida, Home of the 25 Foot Reticulate Pyton

    (And somewhere in Florida, two men just read this post, yelled “hold our beers,” and ran out of the house…)
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    Finally got a 5E3 Deluxe… Wow

    You could consider something like a mini mass attenuator to take the edge off the output level of the amp... I have a Weber Mass 100 I use for my marshall 50w plexi, and it works wonderfully. I plan on using it with my 5e3 after my build is completed.
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    17 year old girl gets in shoving match with bear

    Yeah, really really dumb. Not that she defended her dogs, but that she used her hands to push a bear. One swipe and she could have easily been killed. I would have thrown something and yelled at the bear. Or used a chair or something to push at it. Not my bare hands.
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    Things you find when moving...

    Sorry, but you know it had to show up in this thread.
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    Why does running a 9v boost pedal with 18v give more clean headroom?

    I don’t know what rig you’re running, but the generic method to get the most clean output is to turn the master volume on the amp all the way up, turn your preamp gain down to get the overall clean volume you want. Now your amp is set to allow the most clean volume possible; if you get...
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    Will 'The Nevers" come back?

    There are quite a few big names involved with that show, I believe we'll see a second season. It was excellently done.
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    "Our second gig was Woodstock..."

    Yep… and it’s so “Neil”.
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    The big "The show must go on" disasters on stage thread.

    That one is great! The poor kid, deer in the headlights stare, then the salute… the girl on the bass drum trying to not laugh. Not sure why he didn’t just pick up the cymbal…
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    Bad Opinions Only

    I now have that song stuck in my head. It’s ok though, I’m enjoying it.
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    Bad Opinions Only

    If I could only turn my amps up louder, I’d be a better guitar player.
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    Bad Opinions Only

    Especially so. But it gets tricky if you have a wraparound deck.

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