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    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    No it is Clem Clempson, he was in Humble Pie after Frampton left
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    Fogerty’s Kustom

    I believe some of the original Kustom amps came with factory JBLs. A very long time ago when I started playing seriously, I had a BF Bassman head and one of the huge 2-12 Fender cabinets. My buddy had a Kustom head and a 3-15 cabinet. We used to haul those around in his Mercury Bobcat (Pinto)...
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    5-way rotary switch on Strat?

    The standard lever style 3 way or 5 way switch is hard to beat for ease of use, I have owned a couple of guitars that had rotary switches, Gibson L6S and an older original PRS, I didn't like the rotary switch on either one, hard to know which position you were in and not nearly as easy to use...
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    Best speakers for '78 SF Twin Reverb

    Neo speakers will help - a little, still going to be heavy, most of the weight is in the chassis. Some folks go to a head / speaker cab to make it easier to transport. Good luck.
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    Any Catalyst Fans on TDP?

    I have a 100 watt 1-12 Catalyst, I like it a lot much better than I liked any of the 3 Boss Katana amps that I owned. You really need to play through one yourself to determine if it will work for your needs. Like many amps it's not perfect but the basic amp tones are great, good reverb and...
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    Best Cheap Les Paul Style Guitar

    No personal experience with the Sire LP style guitar but I have read many great reviews, the Sire S7 Strat style guitar that I bought is killer
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    Freeway Switch?

    Hey Eddie, is the ground wire even necessary? Years ago, I added a DIY baseplate to a Strat bridge pickup, I didn't use a ground, and I never noticed any issue.
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    Quilter Aviator Cub US – Speaker swap?

    Glad it worked out for you, tone quest is a very personal and subjective thing, I used the Jensen Tornado 100 in the past in a Deluxe Reverb and liked the speaker. I briefly owned a Quilter Aviator Cub, the stock speaker sounded ok to me but I found the amp to be very bright.
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    335 wiring shielded or not

    Cans on the pots too IIRC?
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    Freeway Switch?

    I had a Strat with one, the switch seemed very sturdy, not like the cheap import switches. With the switch in the down position you have the standard 5 pickup combinations. I used 250K pots, I don't think it matters at all to the switch what pots you use :) I don't know about a baseplate how or...
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    Acoustic amps from the 70s - any good?

    A friend had an Acoustic SS guitar amp with a 4-10 cab many years ago, my Strat sounded great through that amp, and he had a 70s Les Paul that I thought sounded good through it too. Very clean and loud good reverb. Would be interesting to compare it now and see what I'd think about it.
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    Mosky Obsessive Drive, which OCD version?

    I like the Mosky, close enough to the real deal for me and especially now that the price of the Fulltone pedals has gone crazy.
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    What is the most interesting or unique-sounding pickup you know that fits in a standard humbucker route?

    What guitar do you have the Bluesbucker in? and are you using a set or just one?
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    5 new sounds from your strat with one switch? Yes please!

    I had a Strat with one of the Freeway 10 switches, it is very cool IMO. Your stock 5 pickup combinations, plus some series combinations, neck and bridge etc..and it is very easy to use, well thought out. You get 5 more pickup combinations for less than the cost of a single pickup assuming that...
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    thoughts - quality, value, work needed; 1962 6G5-A Pro

    I had an old brown Vibrasonic a few years ago, among many other issues it was missing the cap can, it was an odd size and I could not find one anywhere. I had a friend who does sheet metal work make one, that's probably what happened with this amp. That amp has a LOT of issues, will never be a...