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    New Neck Build - some advise

    Baking soda - not powder - worked for me. I moved the strings out of the way then tape off the nut and the fretboard on each side. Fill in the slot with baking soda and drip in the CA. Let it dry, cut the slot and sand smooth.
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    Best compound to use for filling gouge in template?

    I use Bondo or plumbers epoxy.
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    D-Size Tele Body Blueprint Files HERE

    In Acrobat Reader you choose the Poster size option. Otherwise take the file to an office supply store that offers print services. Over here it's only a few dollars for a full size print. I tell them it's an engineering drawing - at least that's what Staples here calls them.
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    Hollow body II build

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    Green Thinline build: opinions needed

    Two methods I use to get rid of any high spots is to use a concave cabinet scraper then 80 grit sandpaper and do the shoe shine thing.
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    Where do you buy your bits and pieces?

    Look at bezdez on eBay. He has some decent stuff at a good price. Edit: If you're in the states look at some Canadian dealers. I use Next Gen and woodtoworks as I'm in Canada and the exchange rate to the U.S. is huge. It might be in your favor.
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    Dual action truss rod installation at the heel.

    I always drill a hole if it's a one piece and rout right through for a two piece.
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    Let's Talk about Routers

    I have 2 Bosch 1617 routers that I bought as factory reconditioned for a real decent price. One is in my table and the other is a plunge unit. I swear they were brand new when I got them. I was like you - pretty scared but got used to it. I measure a hundred times and cut once on both. Safety...
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    New Neck Build - some advise

    I usually place mine just past the D tuner hole towards the G. It also depends on where I place the headstock decal. As long as you're not too close to the nut it should be fine. As mentioned have a look at some images online.
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    J-200 build x2

    What a wonderful thing to do. Sorry for your loss.
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    Changing radius and material loss

    Sanding with 800 grit would take forever. I start with 80 grit and work my way up. As someone mentioned above you risk sanding through the dots on the 12th fret. I would get another neck as to me it's a little risky and a lot of work.
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    Too much lemon oil to rosewood

    Seems to me that it sounds dull because of all the oil on the strings. I live in a dry climate and rosewood fretboards do need oil once in a while here but certainly not once a week. You've probably put enough on to last a few years. Change the strings and see what happens.
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    Roasted Tele Neck from Stratosphere...looks like a great deal...It is!

    I've roasted a few pieces for necks and the opposite is true. It's a solid color through the whole piece and not just on the surface.