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    one amp, two instruments? (guitar and bass)

    Head for a few pawn shops. That'll make 'em smile
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    How satisfied are you with your gear?

    I voted 4, but GAS still hits me. With 12 guitars and 4 amps along with a bunch of pedals I lack nothing.
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    Favorite Song about Fighting

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    Just Jimmy Vaughan...

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    Truefire All Access best price of the year.

    It's worth it! I'm in my second year and have no intention of leaving.
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    Heavy strings and why?

    I listened to what BB said "why you wanna work so hard?".
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    I have a personal connection to this little guitar

    Little/parlor acoustic are by far my favorites!
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    Crown Royal Peach!

    I'll be sticking to bourbon flavored bourbon.
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    My Dad is Screwing with Me from Beyond the Grave

    Sounds like a country song in the makings.
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    allen key storage

    Plastic sleeve with a snap closure that they came in from Craftsman. That way I have to dump them all out in the work bench and dig through the pile. Pisses me off every time.
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    perfect guitar

    All 12 of mine are perfect....
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    NGD: Harmony Juno

    Is the body as small as it looks?
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    What's your stupid, short joke today??

    You can't have everything, where would you put it....
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    Puking Cat Gravy Boat

    Thank you! You just gave me the best idea ever for a birthday gift to my brother in law.

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