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    What were The 70's really like?

    There was only 1 strat an 2 teles at store I worked at. The Fender rep visited when they set the store up and said to the manager, you're lucky this town has a McDonalds, if it didn't they would not set up a franchise.
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    Gigging stops gas

    And you never will my friend.
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    Gigging stops gas

    I have everything I need...I have everything I need..... I have everything I need.... I have everything I need....
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    Over 65 & Exercise

    Don't forget stretching and core work. Very important as we age.
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    Thoughts please- learning unplugged covers-

    I usually start clean following the bass. Dirt comes when I have it under my fingers.
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    Examples of wah used well?

    A favorite from my younger days, had it on 8 track.
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    Way to spend an evening

    Heard Steve tell stories about Otis in an interview some time ago. Made me smile a lot.
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    Perfect Strings for all mahogany gtrs! (Not retros).

    Anything silk and steel.
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    First Solo Gig Last Night

    "Asked me to walk her to her car" is in fact how love stories begin, but also how horror movies start.....
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    Opinions on the Peavey Express 112 teal stripe

    You're in good shape with that one. It'll be loads of fun.
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    Gonna sell my old pickup truck

    $5k is giving it away.
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    What indoor temperature?

    Being married for 32 years, I have no control over the thermostat.
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    Funniest TV Show Ever

    Top gear with Clarkson, May and Hammond
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    Guitar Tabs

    Olga, yeah she was...oh not that one. Sorry.