Rickenbacker 330; Rickenbacker 325; SG Specials; SG Special w/P94s; SG Standard; SG Deluxes; De Armond S73; De Armond Starfire - 1 w/ Harmonic Design Z90s and 2nd w/ Seymour Duncan Alnico IIs; Epiphone Dot; Epiphone Sheraton II, Parker Nite Fly; Wash
Florida Keys
Your amps and other gear
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe; Sunn T50C; B52AT100; Crate Vintage Club 50 head; Crate V5; Crate VC508; Pignose G40V; Epiphone Galaxie 25; Epiphone Galaxie 10; Crate GX140D; Blackheart Handsome Devil