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    Do you get emotional when listening to music?

    Well... after seeing so many song citations here, let me try my emotional softspot: Carmina Burana The Planets (Holst) The Rite of Spring (Stravinski) Eu Sei que Vou te Amar (Vinicius de Moraes) anything by Piazzolla and anything by Coltrane.
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    Way Huge - Havalina

    hahahah... yes, Sir, the only thing that comes out from gearmandude's Dr. Z Maz is the same old s*it. However, the guy is an icon! Thanks for the advise! Abrzz. R/
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    pedal board planning

    My current set up is just a tuner + compressor + OD. My full set up (that I never use) is MAXON GE-601 (equalizer) --> XOTIC Robotalk (auto-wah) --> BARBER Compact (compressor) --> EH Micro-Pog (octaver) --> EQD Pitch Bay (pitch shifter) --> RAMBLER Twin Bender (fuzz) --> CRY BABY 535Q...
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    Recommend a Reverb

    If you want a SPRING reverb -- the Mad Professor Silver Spring If you want a MODULATION reverb -- either the Mr. Black Eternity or the Mr. Black Supermoon or the T-Rex Whirly Verb If you want it [digitally] all -- either the Strymon BlueSky or the TC Hall of Fame.
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    Overdrive: Barber, Fulltone or TC Electronic?

    Here's my tied vote: * Fulltone Plimsoul * Barber Direct Drive * Barber Half Gainer * Barber Gain Changer * Barber Small Fry Each one of them has its own voice. They are built as Panzer tanks and deliver the goods!
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    I caved and ordered a Gain Changer

    ANY pedal by David Barber ius a great choice. For those interested, here's a good link at TGP >>
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    Fattening Your Clean (and cleanish) Tone: Delay, Reverb, Compression?

    HI. First of all, try a good tube amp. I use a Serrano Commando. To fatten the tones of my guitar, when necessary, I use a good compressor in transparent mode (either a Barber, or a Carl Martin Pro) and a booster that may have a tad of saturation (the Xotic RC is tops). That's all. But I like...
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    Way Huge - Havalina

    Hi, Gridlock. I am so impressed by Jeorge Tripps Way Huge drive pedals that I have purchase all of them, except the Dunlop Fuzzes. I must tell you that the Green Rhino is a great pedal; but for a true TS sound I would stick to the MAXON 808 or even the MAXON OD9 Pro + (which I find it better...
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    Way Huge - Havalina

    Thanks, HonenShonin. Unfortunately, I couldn't find your post. Abrzz. R/
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    The one acoustic guitar that you wish you could find...

    A GC Taylor 12-fret nylon strings, no frills, no electronics, which could be a daily standing companion.
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    Do you get emotional when listening to music?

    I cannot listen to music and do anything else, like studying or eating. I am so sensitive to music that music is either the best or the worst sensory experience that I have. Music speaks to my heart and to my mind. In reality, my spiritual path had music as its leader. So, to answer your...
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    Way Huge - Havalina

    Has anyone tried it?
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    Chorus or phaser or vibe(univibe)

    Hi TCapp. All prices indicated below are street prices, but you can get even more discounted prices during promotional sales in the internet. Phaser -- within your budget I would suggest the CMat Mods [$140.00]. It has an excellent cost-benefit ratio. I always thank Cory Ferraro, from...
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    MAXON Pedals

    Hi, I have tried the PAC-9, which is excellent and gets great reviews. It looks similar to the CS-9 that you're looking for. Here it is >>
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    Compressor suggestions

    Barber Tone Press (both versions are excellent), Wampler Ego (more expensive), Pigtronix Philosopher's Gold (has a gain option that's very practical) and the three Maxon compressors that are compared here >>

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