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    Let’s see some honest wear from playing.

    Me '95 Gibson SG Special has been pretty honest throughout the years.:)
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    Ok guys. Need y’all’s opinion again!

    They are adhesive rhinestones I bought at 'Dollarama'. There was an ugly scratch on the upper horn that bothered me for the longest time and so I decided to take action. The big rhinestones stay on pretty good but the small ones I have to be careful when strumming.:oops:
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    I cant stop playing my Strat!

    With a neck pickup ON/OFF switch I can get Tele sounds galore on my '98 American Std.:) And I sure do love me other Strats.;)
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    Ok guys. Need y’all’s opinion again!

    As you all know I voted 'YAZ'!:)
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    2021 NFL season!

    I am so full from eating so many peanut butter & jelly sandwiches during the longest halftime of the Bills and Chief's game that I'm making an appointment with Jenny Craig.:oops:
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    It's Thanksgiving !

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    Let's See Some Of Your Amps

    A whole family of amplifiers with my '98 American Standard before it got rhinestoned.:confused: And my prized Fender Twin Reverb pictured here with me puddy tat Patches. I have a Fender Mustang 4X12 cabinet that I hook up to the Twin for a total of six 12" speakers or a 3/4 stack.:)
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    Eddie Van Halen's Dad...

    Here's the Weird Al Yankovic of ukulele players...he is a favourite with meeeeeee!:confused:
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    Eddie Van Halen's Dad...

    These days the ukulele is becoming more & more significant in the rock world making the geetar obsolete. Black is the new 'Orange'.:)
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    Eddie Van Halen's Dad...

    I wonder how a ukulele would sound through a Super Reverb?
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    Eddie Van Halen's Dad...

    Eddie was adopted.:)
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    Eddie Van Halen's Dad...

    Now I know where Eddie got all his fantastic chops. It's too bad they don't make ukuleles with whammy bars.:oops::(
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    Pictures of naturally distressed guitars wanted

    Here's my 1995 Gibson SG Special that has been through rough times. It even suffered from BNS (Broken Neck Syndrome). :oops:
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    I'm having a bad day....

    He sure can play pretty good on that GoldTop LP which sounds sweet. I think Sean Costello is up there with Mississippi Gary who wears a mean pair of shoes worth $300! :cool:
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    N.F.L. 2021

    Aaron just got him barely in. I think Crosby kicked 52 yards at around the SF 30 yard line. I believe the commentators said his range was up to 56 yards...right there in the neighbourhood.:)