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    Guitar case and cigarette odor

    You could try activated charcoal. I have used it before for a similar issue and it worked pretty well.
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    What is the Greatest Rolling Stone song of all time?

    Can't You Hear me Knocking
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    Why is the 70s Telcaster Custom not more popular? I love 'em.

    +1 to the I love mine group.....
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    Dyeing Tru Oil with pigment?

    I have not tried it yet, I have been doing some research on a build I want to do using truoil. I would like to add some color also. There might be others that could speak to using the product.
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    Dyeing Tru Oil with pigment?

    Do a search on Windsor & Newton Winton Oil based artist paints being mixed with Truoil. I think this might be a way to accomplish your goal.
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    Best Tele player ya ever saw live?

    Prince…. My wife was a big fan and talked me into going to see him live. The music he played isn’t my favorite to listen to, but you can’t deny the talent he possessed.
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    Combo Amp Recommendations??

    I vote for this one also. I am planning on buying one soon. I plan on changing the speaker out to a Weber Blue Dog at some point after watching some comparison videos.
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    Modern 6 Saddle Bridge on Classic Vibe 50’s Tele??

    It is a six saddle bridge. I got mine from Warmoth.
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    Modern 6 Saddle Bridge on Classic Vibe 50’s Tele??

    This shows the dimensions of thee Gotoh Bridge. I have one on a MIM Custom.
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    Regular sized humbuckers similar to the WRHB?

    Revel Custom Pickups has a humbucker sized single coil called the Fat Boy, he has some sound clips on the website. I have been mulling over putting one in a Les Paul junior type guitar.
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    Need tips on retouching

    I used Starbond Black CA glue to repair a bad gash in the finish MIM telecaster body. Worked pretty well for me.
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    NGD Nashville Deluxe Tele

    Nice guitar... I have a 72 Custom Reissue that had a similar chip in the finish. Since it is black it stood out like a sore thumb and it was right where my arm rests against the lower bout. I explored the gluboost products until I ran across a black CA glue product that I ended up using. I did...
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    Wide Range Humbucker Neck Position Capacitor Value/Tone Pot

    Thanks for the feedback. I have adjusted it based on Telenator’s previous thread, that helped a lot! It really is a situation when the tone control is at 10, I sometimes wish it was brighter. Sounds like changing to a 1M volume might be the way to go….
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    Wide Range Humbucker Neck Position Capacitor Value/Tone Pot

    I have a 72 Custom RI with a Revel WRHB in the neck. I currently have a 500k tone pot paired with a 0.022 cap. I really like the tone of the neck pick up but sometimes feel like I would like it to be a little brighter. I was thinking of trying a 0.015 cap or possibly put in a no load tone pot. I...