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    What sort of daneclectro pedals would you recommand ?

    I have the big 18v Cool Cat Chorus from back in the 90’s it’s cool! 😎
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    Just bought my first Barber pedal....ever....

    Congrats! I have a Gain Changer from Barber which is a terrific pedal. Happy N.P.D.!
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    Album covers

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    Album covers

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    Come full circle to needing a Tube Screamer again..

    No recommendations, but welcome back.😉
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    NPD: Pedal Safari Score!

    Congrats! Happy NPD!
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    How do you set your Belle/ODR-1

    After playing with it a while, here’s my crunch setting
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    The "I thought I had to have" thread

    Several pedals that didn't live up to the hype. I kept the ones that did.;)
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    Single worst line of lyrics....

    "Knee deep in the hoopla"
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    Single worst line of lyrics....

    It's her! 😂
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    Single worst line of lyrics....

    We are never ever ever getting back together
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    Garagetone Drivetrain

    Congrats! Happy NPD!
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    NPD: Critter Overdrive III, Ronnie's Pick

    Congrats! Enjoy your new pedal.
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    Tim v3

    Congrats. Enjoy your new pedal!
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    NPD - Nobels ODR-1

    Congrats! My good friend gave me an ODR-1 ltd this week. What a great sound!