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    Musician Buddies Always Needing to Borrow Gear

    Sounds like he's not really good at taking care of his stuff. I certainly wouldn't let him borrow mine.
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    D string problem on my #1

    I've got one guitar with a slightly low D string slot. It works fine as long as the neck relief is right where I like it. It'll rattle on the first fret if the neck straightens even a tiny bit. I can tell the changing seasons with that guitar. It's my hygrometer. But I've also had guitars...
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    What was a pre-CBS Tele worth in the mid 80's?

    I couldn't afford a pre CBS Tele in the mid '80s. I paid $175 for a nice '66 Mustang (not pre CBS) and sold it a couple of years later for $225 and thought that was a big deal. About the same time, I bought a new made in Japan Squier Tele or $180.
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    Do you change your own oil?

    I used to be an actual mechanic, but I pay to have the oil changed in my newest car because it was under warranty, and now that the warranty has expired, I find it to be easier and not much more expensive to have the dealer do it. I do all the repairs except alignments on my wife's 7 year old...
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    Do You Change Your Own Strings?

    When I was 8, my mother tried to tune my guitar using middle C on the piano as a reference and broke a string. We had to go to the shop where I took lessons and have it repaired. I've restrung and tuned my own guitar for the past 45 years.
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    Fender CuNiFe WRHB in MiM Classic '72 Telecaster Thinline

    I bought a set of CuNiFe WRHBs on sale and put them in my 2013 MiM Classic '72 Telecaster Thinline along with a pair of 1 meg pots. It sounds great! What a change from the original pickups! It sounds great with my Princeton Reverb clone and incredible with my Dr. Z Cure and especially my Z...
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    5e3 Power Transformer Spec

    I have a 330-0-330 120mA PT and an old 5Y3 rectifier in mine. With a line voltage of 120v, the plate voltage is 356v, which I think is just right. It sounds great! Yours will be higher with 127 line voltage. You may want to use a Brown Box or a DIY bucking transformer.
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    Cheese and apples!

    I like cheese and grapes, too
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    Need an amp for telecaster

    I didn't like Teles until I bought a tweed Deluxe Clone. Now I like them with every amp. So that's what I recommend, though they can be loud for home use.
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    Best Small Gigging Amp No Budget Limit

    I recently spent a while playing a new Quilter Aviator Mach 3. I really, really wanted to like it. I have back issues and the weight was a big draw, as was the multiple channels, tremolo, and reverb. I had the cash in my pocket. Unfortunately, I really didn't like it. There was something...
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    Best Small Gigging Amp No Budget Limit

    I have (and have had) several amps that may meet your needs. My favorite these days in my Dr. Z Cure. It has enough headroom for playing in a band and gets just the right amount of grit on its own. The variable footswitchable boost is great! I have a Z Wreck Jr and it's a great amp, but it...
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    Jim Croce - Operator

    I have a DVD of these recordings. I only kinda liked Croce's studio recordings, but love him and Maury playing together as a duet. A big revelation in the DVD is that when they went to Ovation guitars, the tone went to hell.
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    FYI Fender CuNiFe Neck or Bridge Pickups $150

    Mine arrived earlier today. They're going into a nice playing, clean 2013 MIM '72 Classic Telecaster that I bought earlier this year.
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    FYI Fender CuNiFe Neck or Bridge Pickups $150

    Mine are due to arrive tomorrow!
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    Capacitor discharging for the unbeliever or careless

    I designed commercial indoor lighting, mostly solid state, at my last job. A co-worker pulled the driver out of a fluorescent fixture and accidentally touched a lead while holding the case. He screamed like a little kid! High voltage, very low current. The fixture hadn't been plugged in in...