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    Saw Bonnie Raitt on a Saturday morning show.

    We caught it, and enjoyed it very much. We've always been fans of Bonnie.
  2. rcole_sooner it "the best food?"

    I love seafood of all kinds. Of all those, salmon is one of them. 👍
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    Rest in Peace Fred Ward

    Tremors is one of those movies I almost always stop on if it is on.
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    Weight problem, like maths/

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    Happy Birthday Bob Seger 77

    Was just listening to Live Bullet yesterday.
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    Guess what day it is?

    My plans for today. I'll head down there early for lunch, then later for dinner.
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    Stupid person Crashes Ford GT

    Do these high end standards even have clutches anymore?
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    Time For A Brandy!

    Positive vibes sent your way.
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    The beautiful weather, amazing.

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    Speeding behind cops

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    Your Two Favorite Tom Petty Songs---->

    Hard to pick 2, and I bet these are on a lot of lists. American Girl Breakdown
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    Guitar rack , wall hanger or case ?

    String Swing slatwall at 45 degree angle. The empty cases.
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    Street Legal Golf Carts

    Sounds like you're having plenty of fun! I recommend you keep it up! 👍
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    Cheesy songs from the 70s that you like.

    I swear I gotta make a playlist. I mean not every song, but there is some good **** in here! 👏