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    Reverb vs Delay

    If you want a cheap pedal that could do that, try to find a DIY pedal or clones that has both delay and reverb or a DIYs of each.
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    Reverb vs Delay

    But if only one pedal that can take away dryness (which can act as a reverb) and acts as a delay pedal would be a delay + reverb pedal or a double delay pedal: Sourceaudio SA263, Earthquaker devices avalanche run, Strymon DIG are the choices while the Strymon Timeline is too overpowered and...
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    Reverb vs Delay

    My suggestions are: 1. a Boss digital delay coz it's a worth investment for many genres. 2. A Reverb pedal of your choice either Boss RV-6 or a MXR
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    Ash Thinline Teles?

    Just realized that ash wood is becoming critically endangered these days and wondering is it still worth to buy an ash body thinline telecasters? And I just realized that fender will only build ash body guitars on their expensive ones. Found a last vintera thinline tele on a shop and tried it...
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    Thoughts on Fender and Gibson to the new generation of players.

    But in reality minus the marketing stuff, popularity, and branding of Fender, G&L is the most innovative and Suhr brings the highest quality guitars I think. How I wish my generation knows this.
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    Thoughts on Fender and Gibson to the new generation of players.

    A bit of gear choices of others (coz I was inspired and learned to play guitars by them) but a bit of my musical choices as well (the tones that I look for) or sometimes none of them just like my Ultra Tele that I bought coz I just felt it was it just like you say (I had to opportunity to buy a...
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    Thoughts on Fender and Gibson to the new generation of players.

    I think they should have tried to build signature guitars for new guitarists. But it's sad that these guys don't even try.
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    Thoughts on Fender and Gibson to the new generation of players.

    This makes sense to my generation, teenagers to young adults, everybody wants a strat or tele or an offset. Every kid and friend that I hear, wants a strat or a tele. For humbuckers, we would prefer an HH Tele or a D'Angelico or an Ibanez semi-hollow or a PRS SE or a Les Paul copy. Starting...
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    Country music for starters

    What scales do country music use? Pentatonic and blues scales? Or is there a country scale?
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    Country music for starters

    Been listening to country music since high school (ya know, Texas radio stations) Nashville country and Texas country songs but never tried to play or learn them. Just wanna learn how to play em. What would be your advice for starters in learning country music? Should I learn the concept behind...
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    Mike Campbell with his collection and wisdom

    "The songs would dictate what guitars we'd bring out" Deciding a guitar and a backup guitar for a song, intense. "How many guitars a guitar player really need?" "One. More." He knows, he knows.
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    Middle Strat Pickup for Tele Noiseless Pickups

    Do the polarity and wind direction matter in choosing a middle strat pickup if I have a ultra noiseless pickups in modding a Nashville Tele? The ultra noiseless pickups are both in north polarity. Should my middle strat pickup (non-noiseless) be at south polarity? Or is it redundant? Is a...
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    Nashville Tele + S-1 + Blend Mod

    This is sooo cooool. Very much appreciated on this one. Thank you for sharing this. Definitely gonna go for thiiis hopefully someday with some slight modifications.
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    Songs you like better than the artist's "big" hit.

    John Mayer - Not Myself Better than Mayer's Wonderland haha Beach Boys - Darlin' Jackson 5 - Darling Dear Ponderosa Twins - You Send Me Marvin Gaye - Come Live With Me Angel This song is so underrated and deserves more attention that it crosses disco and soul in a time where soul music is...
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    Curious question about building pickups

    Ahaa this would confirm my theory that I could kinda duplicate the timbre of a certain pickup (same A5 magnet with mine) by EQing the frequencies specific to that pickup. I had this idea that when I mix songs that EQing them up on specific frequencies to the similar chord/note on the desired...