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    Pedals and gear used by Sean Kelly of The Samples?

    (Deleted double post) Sorry!
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    Pedals and gear used by Sean Kelly of The Samples?

    Just in case anyone ever checks this again… The orange Boss pedal is an OS-2 (Overdrive/Distortion). The white Boss pedal must be a delay, but I can’t tell the number. (DD-?) The Strat-like guitar is actually a midi-guitar made by Casio. Maybe A PG-310 or a PG-380? My guess is that Sean did...
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    Pedals and gear used by Sean Kelly of The Samples?

    Ha! Yes, this is why my searches have not been productive!
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    Pedals and gear used by Sean Kelly of The Samples?

    It is difficult to find information on the internet about Sean Kelly’s pedal board or gear. His band, The Samples, has an interesting sound and history. I looked at a lot of photographs and figured out two main ingredients of his tone or sound: a Boss CS-3 compressor and a Roland JC-120. If...
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    Barb EQ alternatives? Experience with JHS Clover?

    Hey all, I built a 5e3 and a 5f1 champ and was looking for a pedal to get closer to some cleaner blackface tones without having to build (or buy) another amp. My research brought me to the JOYO American sound, which I bought for $20 and it was satisfying, but I wondered if the Barber Barb EQ...
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    Product to fill screw holes for new pick guard?

    My 5-hole pickguard is buckling on a partscaster I finished up last spring. I removed the screw near the bridge pickup to relieve the tension. You can see in the photo that I’m only a tiny bit off center. I plan on buying a Bakelite guard from WD, but I’d like to fill this one screw hole...
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    What's a great song that asks a question?

    How does it feel to be on your own?
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    Testing Tru Oil with Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Paints

    Looks great! Thanks for adding!
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    Slowest Build Ever- “The Boba Fett Versa-Tele” (Ideas? Advice?)

    I just built another tele with 4 way and had one sound. Turns out I had installed the 4-way switch rotated 180 degrees. That messed everything up so I had to de-solder and flip it. Just a thought. I’d start a new thread. Good luck!!
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    Improving the versatility of the Roland Street Cube?

    I bought the 5 watt Roland Street Cube so that I could practice playing electric or acoustic guitar while singing with a mic. It’s also super easy to use when I don’t want to set up my pedal board. I like the amp but if I use it like a PA for vocals and a drum machine, it doesn’t have the...
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    Preferred 4-way switch & diagram?

    I like the 4-way switch like this too. There’s a picture of the wiring diagram I used in this thread:“the-boba-fett-versa-tele”-ideas-advice.608055/ I’m in the middle of my second build and going with the 4-way switch again.
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    If you could go back to college.....

    This speech was brilliant, especially the last five minutes. Thanks for posting this. It was good to watch on New Year’s Day too.
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    Can you sync the new Boss RC-5 with the Digitech Sdrum?

    Thanks for posting this. I’d only be using one looper, but I’m sure this information will be useful to someone down the road. Thanks for posting your Fishman Loudbox mini too— I’m still trying to figure out a set up and debating whether I should buy a solid state amp like the Loudbox or buy a...
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    new jhs pedal line ...

    Does anyone know what the fuzz circuit is based on?

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