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    name the guitar and its owner.

    So who? Hendrix never had a reverse headstock/reverse pickup. SRV? No one famous?
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    Dead musicians hoax

    I remember this kind of stuff from way back, like late 1990s/early 2000s internet. Not necessarily in video form.
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    Putting rubber rings as strap locks

    What also happens is that if you have the wider buttons, which have a thicker central axle, they are prone to popping off.
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    Putting rubber rings as strap locks

    I normally use Grolsch or those Dunlop plastic things, but on some guitars both of those just pop off after a while. Strangely enough, on some guitars it just works better to just use a strap with ends made from very thick leather.
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    No luck finding a good used guitar :(

    Probably switch, seems a common problem on Epis.
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    Picked up a Crate Vintage Club 20. I'm very impressed.

    I used to drool over the 50W head and 4x10", eventually got another amp and cab in that configuration. Not sure I even saw those Crates in shops, I probably have a catalog and/or seen them in a magazine.
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    in the 27 years I have lived here , I saw something new

    I saw a dead one on the sidewalk the other day, It was huge, about 4-5", and all bright green, easily biggest insect around here. So it's supposed to grow even bigger? Also I'm in a very urban area, there are a few trees, but not many.
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    CV Mustang owners.... question..... jazz bass thoughts.... shopping......

    Short scale basses tend to be neck divers, so it won't be easier to play. Well, if you move the strap button like on an SG, you'll have a lighter playable bass.
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    Firefox problems

    It started having problems when it became the most popular browser, because hackers started writing scripts to exploit its vulnerabilities. Of course there were updates, but it became a preferred targeted browser.
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    I’ve been looking for that tuner…

    I hope it was in the freezer. Keeps the batteries fresh.
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    Can you crank it ?

    It's a brick building and if I close the windows it would be just as annoying as someone drilling through the wall, so during the day, yes, plus I'm not in the US. But cranking even a 2 watt amp though something bigger than an 8" speaker is bound to hurt my ears, so I really don't see the point.
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    Same set of pickups in two different guitars. What the

    Yes! I have experience with those guitars. In fact with the stock Ibanez pickups as well. They are very good pickups, and are not that hot despite the ohms reading. They are also quite bright for humbuckers, especially when you put them in a Les Paul copy. Semi-hollow guitars are quite dark by...
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    Anyone a Tokai Love Rock expert??

    Probably made specifically for the US market.
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    Modified P90s

    Jazzmaster pickup? Incidentally, I have seen a real P90 sized pickup like that, but I don't remember the details.
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    Did I imagine this Telecaster thinline?

    Lots of weird stuff was made in Japan, the one in the op could have existed as well.