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    Tried The Tone Master Deluxe Reverb Today

    Heh. I've been really enjoying watching the Get Back doc and realizing that my Platonic Ideal of Guitar Tone (ie John's parts in I've Got a Feeling and Don't Let Me Down) are just P-90s into a cranked Twin. Thanks to the miracles of ToneMaster Technology I too can enjoy this in the comfort of...
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    Your thoughts on Billie Eilish?

    Yes, but no. I mean, LA is gonna LA, but I mean, compare Olivia Rodrigo here with this Billie Eilish performance (or this one!). There's showbiz kids and there's pop product but I mean, there's also saccharine crap and there's songwriting/musicianship. The recent stuff is particularly great...
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    Your thoughts on Billie Eilish?

    I'm afraid this is going to be the thread that finally makes me delete the bookmark for this site. But to answer the questions, she (and finneas) rules, and no, she's gonna be just fine.
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    Tom Waits : Opens it up and blows out the Carbon Build up

    One of my faves: And if you've never seen one of his operas, hoo boy:
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    Cali76 is a sweet miniature 1176, but it's really expensive. I would just get one of the Warm knockoffs for almost the same price, but obviously, that thing isn't gonna fit on a pedalboard. :) If you're interested in the mojo of a FET compressor, I really can't recommend the Fairfield...
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    Count to five:

    Thanks! Yeah, single ditto. Useful for building up big improvised walls of sound but very limiting for any sort of "musical performance". I've been considering getting a proper two-channel looper for a while, just haven't pulled the trigger. I don't want/need any of the effects or a stop...
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    Count to five:

    Easily one of my favorite pedals, although it’s certainly not for everyone. Here’s a very loopy-droney-noisy bit that is driven by a Ct5 and a ditto looper. Mode three is so powerful.
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    Gen Z kid names the Best Punk Bands of All Time

    You're not punk, and I'm telling everyone Save your breath, I never was one You don't know what I'm all about Like killing cops and reading Kerouac
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    Time sink Hobbies that compete with guitar

    Recently moved back to CA from the Midwest and have been going surfing at dawn at least three days a week, which means I’m going to bed super early, which means I haven’t recorded a single thing.
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    Being a DJ, is it really a skill?

    There’s the DJ that plays music at parties. Then there’s the DJ that matches songs and tempos so smoothly that it’s impossible to tell when one song ends and another one begins. Here’s an example:
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    New Harmony Series 6 tube amps

    Same - if it’s a bias trem I’m suddenly very interested in getting another amp.
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    Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb

    Can you explain what this means? I'm curious.
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    NGD Eastman

    Every now and then I look at my Eastman I think about how awesome it's going to look in 50 years, and hope somebody will get to enjoy it. Such lovely guitars. Congrats!
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    Fuzz, Distortion, OD?… Can’t Find the Sound I Want.

    Didn't read this thread, but this is a bit like asking for a flying carpet. Need a headphones setup at an absolute minimum - the sound of your strings ringing can't be allowed to compete with the amplified sound for this sort of thing.
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    The dreaded "J Mascis Jazzmaster bridge" question...2021 edition

    You need to drill a hole in the pickguard and use the new thimbles, but it doesn't get any better than a Mastery bridge, imho.