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    Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster & ???

    Something with a mahogany body and P90s for sure. I sort of live that life: Telecaster (x3) Gibson Les Paul PRS McCarty with P-90s.
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    Finish over nitro

    I've been planning to have a local artist do some custom paint on my tele. It's currently finished in reticulated nitro. Can we just seal it in shellac, add the custom art, and then shellac on top of that? Do we still need to add a clear coat to finish? Or is all of this a bad idea? This...
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    Just Joined the TDPRI!

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    Paul Reed Smith owners unite.

    Here's mine!
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    How many guitars?

    Not nearly enough! 2 acoustics (Taylor 214 and baby Taylor) 5 electrics: 2021 Fender American Pro II Telecaster 2020 Ron Kirn T-style 1987 Fender MIJ Paisley Telecaster (Purchased new and after years of gigging and upgrades, may be the finest playing Tele on earth! For me, at least) 2007 PRS...
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    "What Your Favorite Sad Dad Band Says About You"

    Just glad Gen X is getting a little roast! It's always boomers, millennials, and Z that's gets the attention - positive or negative.
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    P90 Teles

    Looks great! Sadly, I'm probably not going to be able to build a guitar I would be happy playing. Everytime I've tried to even make adjustments to my guitars, they end up with the luthier fixing my attempted "improvements".
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    P90 Teles

    The cabronita is looking like a good option.
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    P90 Teles

    That is sweeet!
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    Show us your Pedal board.

    Here's my board packed up and ready to go. But I've played a lot of gigs where I only used the tuner and Flint. I prefer to get my dirt from the amp and alternate between a few low wattage options I can usually crank (Matchless Lightning, Maz 18 Jr, Mesa Rectoverb) live.
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    How important is tube generated reverb and tremolo to you?

    All my amps have it, but after the onboard reverb in my Matchless started acting up and the factory failed to correct the problem after a 4 month wait and $250 shipping (it was serviced but the reverb still randomly cuts out 50% of the time), I decided it would be cheaper to get a Strymon Flint...
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    P90 Teles

    Is it so wrong that I really want a tele with dual P-90s? These seem hard to find. To be clear, I want a regular tele with a sawed in half traditional bridge, not a custom or deluxe. Know where I might look that doesn't involve dropping more than $2500? Non-Fender is OK (I already have a Ron...
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    I want to get serious about a pedal board but...

    I swear by my Voodoo labs. Durable, quiet, and reliable. Works with everything. But a little $$$.